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Was going to save water an d skip the shower this morning but remembered how much sweat was involved in cutting open and moving the futon boxes...

Got to work in plenty of time. Boss didn't. Or maybe he did - most of the day his door was closed, which is not like him, unless he has some serious deadline, which is rare.

New product team leader was baffled by the test case software not letting me edit my stuff, but there was a work-around, and I was able to pass a couple of previously untested ones.

Lunchtime I stopped off at the CU and deposited the massive refund check for the amount Toyota overcharged me for my license plate renewal. $14. So to celebrate I went to the Korean buffet (named China China) where lunch was less than $10. I'm rich.

Just as I was about to phone them, the denture clinic called, and we made an appointment for tomorrow morning to start work on the dentures. One reason the estimate was so much lower is they belong to the PPO for my insurance company.

Stayed late, but once again was early for the operetta rehearsal. Music director was 2 minutes late, but there were only three of us who were on time.

It was the best rehearsal yet. It was an extra music rehearsal for the men, thrown in because the director had a conflict she had forgotten about, and she doesn't have an assistant she can have sub for her.

Music director still kept stopping us for little things, but he let us sing through whole sections, and did a lot of repetitions.

He sent us home at 9, instead of 10, and worked solo with the guy who opens act 2.

Home, delivered was an allegedly better recording of Iolanthe than the first one. I'll listen to it in the car on the way to band rehearsals.

Sausage and beans for dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dental clinic. Must remember to shoot up Afrin first.
YOTB rehearsal

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