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Weird Dream Channel

Tom is my British friend (in the dream - in real life there is no analog) and we are in the UK somewhere. The dream starts with me signing invoices or credit card slips for a car part for Tom's MG. Tom was out of cash, so he asked me to buy the replacement windshield wiper motor assembly for him, and he wrote me a post-dated check (oops - cheque). Then we drove to the repair shop, well not really a shop, but the driveway of a modest 1-family style house in the country - Tom insisted that I drive so it looked like it was my car so when time came to pay for the repair it would look normal for me to be the one to pay. A repairman in those classic blue coveralls arrives (out of nowhere, it seems) carrying a small yellow ladder** which is folded, and he excuses himself to lean it up against the garage door (which is closed).

I hand the repairman the assembly, and he says something like "oh good, you have the right one. It's always nice to have the right one." It takes him no time at all to install the item - he just snaps it into place and snaps on the electrical connectors, and hands me the bill, which I sign. My last memory before waking up is of a close-up of the windshield wipers, showing bright orange push-on electrical connectors about halfway up the arm of both wiper blades.

** this is the same ladder from my Judy Garland dream a couple of nights ago, but I didn't realize that till I started writing this.

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