Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Full Day

Way overestimated traffic and got to my dentist appointment half an hour early. Stayed in the car listening to the Iolanthe CD, and could almost hear the lines. I mostly have the first big number down as long as I'm next to someone who really does.

The dental thing was quick, just plaster casts for the bases of the upper and lower plates. The lower bridge is mostly a metal casting, so that goes out to another lab, but the rest is plastic which they do at the clinic. They have to be fitted together, so in about 2 weeks will be round 2. I was out of there in 10 minutes, 15 after the admin remembered I was going to pay today.

Work, I started harvesting test cases from the new machine's untested pile. Passes a few, got stumped by a couple. Meanwhile today's Encore feed was Romancing The Stone, followed by 1001 Dalmations or is it 101? I that was mostly while I was at Togo's having lunch. Wrapped up the day almost staying too late, with the headphones on, watching Frozen. Got back from a meeting which un-stumped those two test cases, just in time to catch Menzel's big number and the snowman in summer bit.

Home, had time to relax a little, glue in my teeth, loaded the bari & music stand in the car and headed for los altos. They have resumed the street market, but looks like it has been moved closer to the top of town, so not as much foot traffic on main street. Got to rehearsals 5 minutes to spare. It was a pretty full rehearsal. Three new members, too. Conductor ran us through a lot of pieces, he's starting to nail down the May concert. He has ruled out the 4 segments from Carmen for now. Not as many high notes as last time, so my lip is only slightly punctured. The new dentures should help that. But maybe not because I'll be taking June off from the band, and my lip will get all flabby again.

Stopped at Safeway on the way home, stocked up on frozen dinners, limes, chocolate pudding and oranges. I went to the new one on El Camino & San Antonio. As I drove across Foothill Expy I saw there's a huge new one on First Street, the opposite direction of the small old one. Almost went there. Probably should have.

Home, put the horn away and unpacked the grocs.

DiGiornio personal size pizza for dinner, meh. Peperidge Farms chocolate cake, yum.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, crash

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