Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Out of Time

Stayed in bed too long for a work day, Spook was upset when I was still watching videos on the tablet at 8 am, and came in to yell at me for about 2 minutes.

Got to work on the later side of on time, but the bagels were all gone.

Wasted time closing one bug and opening another. Got help from an engineer on a fun but confusing command line widget which they put in for the tech support people. The help file, which prints when you just type the command and hit enter, was probably written by the person who wrote the specificatio for the widget, not the person who wrote the widget itself. Anyhow, got that working but now need to fins a way to convert the resulting file into something I can use.

Passed a couple of test cases, and did some housekeeping on several others.

Stayed late so I could see if the Clorox wipes I'd brought would clean a year's worth of dry-erase gunk off the white board. It mostly did. I was just tired of looking at the blue cast on the white board. Couldn't do the whole board because there was some writing on it.

Straight home after work, took the laptop out to the porch and ran updates (I haven't used it in a month). For once the wind wasn't too harsh to work out there. The beach umbrella provided shade (it tilts, so I can aim it).

Plans for tomorrow:
Hang up the jeans and Hawaiian shirts delivered this week
Drill pilot holes and screw in hooks for the hanging plants
Ex Machina at the local AMC
Fry's, get the simplest Logitech programmable remote, and program it for Janice.

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