Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Muchos Sweatos

I do not know why, but for as long as I can remember, any time I have had to do close-in physical work, such as untangling 100' of cable or assembling furniture, my brow sweats profusely. A simple headband made from a rolled bandanna fixes that. My torso also sweats, but it doesn't drip into my eyes, and I'm usually wearing a shirt, so no problem.

This afternoon's project was to assemble the futon the rest of the way. The mattress is due to be on my front porch tomorrow afternoon.**

Yesterday I had attached the springs to the arm rests, and assembled the rails. Today the rails were bolted to the arm rests, the back and seat frames were unfolded and bolted flat, and then loosely bolted to the springs.

That's when it was time to meet Janice at Starbucks for a short chat, and to give her the remote I'd programmed for her.

Home, enjoyed the last of the daylight on the porch, though it was very windy. For a change the chill didn't reach the porch.

Then back to the futon. Spook curled up in a corner of the room between the radiant heater and the rug steamer (the room is my indoor storage). She likes to be near me, but not near me.

The next step was to connect the seat and back frames with an elongated U-shaped bar at the center.

That bar took a lot of pulling and pushing and maneuvering to get into place, and the cotter pins which were supposed to hold it there are unusable because the holes they go into are right up against the frame.

The next step was supposed to be to attach the two U-shaped cushion retainers into the front of the seat frame, after pulling the frame into its flat, bed position. First problem is the frame would not flatten. Next problem is the holes for the retainers were on the back frame, not the seat frame.

I had mounted them backwards.

The instructions for mounting the frames began by saying the seat frame had four holes in the front edge, but I didn't see any on either frame, because until you know which frame is which, there's no way to tell which is the front edge. :-(

So my last act before dinner was to unbolt both frames from the springs, stack the newly recognized back frame against a wall, and place the now-seat-frame on the springs ready to be bolted into place. That may happen Tuesday. Or next weekend.

Dinner was a Salisbury steak and mac'n'cheese dinner. and the last piece of chocolate cake. While watching Sabado Gigante, which is still on the air despite the announcement it was ending, complete with 40-year retrospective, a few weeks ago.

One very annoying thing which I may have mentioned before. Little girls singing like they are husky-voiced contraltos. There are three things they may do on the show which I look forward to. Usually they do two out of three, rarely all three. The first is a singing contest for adults, the second is a beauty contest for nubile nymphettes and the third is a traditional Mexican singing contest for children. Age range is about 8-12.

The format for the latter is a full mariachi band in costume accompanies the child, who usually makes a Grand Entrance down a staircase holding a wireless mike, singing a familiar (to Mexicans) song. Both boys and girls are dressed to the nines, the girls in anything from a hoop skirt to a ball gown, the boys in a mariachi soloist suit with lots of piping and sometimes a little sparkle. The girls usually sing a torch song, the boys something macho. I don't know much Spanish, but these are kids singing, so the vocabulary and their gestures are easy to figure out.

Today two of the four girls (there were no boys) sang like girls, but the other two tried singing very very low, way below what I'd call a normal range for an 8-year-old. I find it very annoying & disconcerting.

There's much more to be said about this show, some other time.

Plans for tomorrow:
7pm rehearsal
Haul the mattress in from the porch

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