Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why Is It that when one asks for a specific food recommendation...

friends tell you where to get what they like, rather than what you described?

Pizza. It's really very simple. On my FB page I said this at least three times in the same thread:

I want real New York Pizza:
Hand tossed, wheat flour dough
About half as thick as deep dish, but not thin
Not explicitly stated, but in my definition of NY pizza:
tomato paste base
Lots of mozzarella cheese
Maybe provolone and swiss as well
Generous toppings, which include sausage, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms and bacon.
No chicken
No BBQ sauce

And three "friends" send me to places which serve super-thick pan pizza with cornmeal crust. Two of those places don't use tomato paste at all. Only one of them used real mozzarella, and it was the only one which had the toppings I wanted in an acceptable amount.

Round table comes closest. Mountain Mike's used to, until they went all Indian-American franchisee. Pizza Hovel has messed with their dough too much.

So, today was a good day other than the pizza for lunch.

Obsoleted a test case, which is a win, because it means one less data point so the PASS percentage goes up. Passed one other test case which was fun, all about thumbnails showing for live video feeds.

Corrected a test case to say what really is expected to happen, as opposed to the original vague specification. Started running it, but need to ask one of the support people for help to finish it.

7 pm rehearsal, so I worked till 6:30. Started 10 minutes late. Some of that was logistics, the women got part of their costumes to practice with, and were sent into the back lot instead of bringing the costume parts to the back lot and handing them out there.

All the men's roles plus one of the lead women had the stage, for blocking. Director didn't really have it all figured out, which we're finding out is the way she works. I should restate that. She had it figured out, she didn't know how to teach it.

At one point the music director started to go AR on us and was about to tweak a piece of the singing, when director turned to him and said "it's my fucking rehearsal". Which shows how not prepared she is. The expletive was not called for.

We got a lot done, and repeated it enough that I am 90% off book on that part.

Home, UPS dummies had left the 75-lb futon mattress in a badly battered cardboard wrapping which no longer resembles the original box, on the carport steps. I wanted it left on the porch, which was the sensible place to leave it. Had to pull it onto a dolly and wheel it down the driveway and around to the front of the house, up the steps and into the livingroom. Spook immediately tried to eat it.

It will stay on the dolly, propped up against the wall, until I have the futon frame finished.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Kaiser to make my annual eye appointment for next month
Maybe go in for an ear wash if the home remedy doesn't work tonight


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