Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not much to say today

Today at work was a repeat of yesterday.
Lunch at Sizzler, had baby back ribs instead of salad bar. 6-piece serving. Two pieces were separate, and were cooked to perfection, the other 4 pieces were overdone, and looked like they had been re-heated. Still good, but there was some porcine archeology involved.

Home at 6, because rehearsals were not till 7:45.

Arrived at the rehearsal hall at 7:44, we didn't start till 8:20. Which means when 10 pm we-get-kicked-out time arrived, there was still a lot of pages left in the one long number we were blocking.

This was a combined women/men number, and at the start they showed us who we were paired with. Not only did I not get a redhead, they paired me with the dork who brought her infant to the potluck and did not even consider taking the screaming child outside. She didn't like being paired with me either. Which is okay, until the final page of the show. And then it doesn't really matter.

Home, tuned to CNN, which is wasting way too much air time on Jimmy Kimmel's ode to David Letterman. Neither person amuses me at all, but then there has not been a talk show host I thought deserved the job since Dick Cavett. Conan had his moments, but not enough of them, because studio politics. I don't expect Colbert to be better than average.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be late for 7 pm rehearsal



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