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On of the reasons I auditioned for this show is men were not asked to do a dance audition. But tonight we were all stabbed in the back by the director bringing in a choreographer to take what should have been simple blocking and turn it into a marching band routine. That's putting it politely because she pulled the whole thing out of her ass, changed it several times, and did not really account for people who were missing.

That was the last bit of the rehearsal, after the women were sent home. 7 pm call was a lie, they had a photo shoot with three of the lead women, which took till 7:30. Very angry about that, they should have sent out email telling us not to show up at 7.

And then the next 15 minutes was spent blocking the women, so most of an hour I could have been home having dinner.


Work was also non-productive. The promised help from the SE did not materialize. And a feature which I expected to be in the GUI was hidden in a config file. And that means I have to write a bunch of test cases.

Lunch at the hole in the wall Starbucks. I keep forgetting how it has no parking and not a lot of places to sit. But oh the eye candy. Many small butts in stretch pants. One middle eastern woman in a pair of grey textured pants which hugged her perfect butt, accented by the piping on the pockets. Nice top too, gorgeous long black hair. None of this head scarf shit. And in the back corner were a gaggle of Asian college girls who were easy to look upon.

Plans for tomorrow:

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