Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Felt Like I Was Drugged

All day. Almost didn't go to work because staying in bed seemed like a much safer thing than driving. Kept falling asleep at my desk, and none of the usual remedies worked. I did manage to get some work done, but slowly. Lunch at the Chinese fast food place next to Jamba Juice because it was easier than anyplace else. Almost called in old instead of going back to work, but went back to the office anyway. Somewhere in there I ordered a larger version of the track jacket I'd bought in London, which I have been wearing on and off all month. It's very stretchy and comfortable, but just barely fits. London shops don't understand 3XL.

Good thing the 2:30 meeting was canceled. I was barely awake in the 4 pm meeting. Spent a lot of time running long tests and thinking about going someplace to take a nap. Then miraculously at about 5:30, I started to wake up. Plan A was to go home, take a nap, and sleep as long as my body needed, expecting that would make me to late to go to band practice.

Delivered today were three of the four drug refills I'd ordered.

But once home, sleep did not come, so at 7 I gave up, glued in my teeth, put the baritone and music stand in the car, and went to practice.

It was a very busy practice, the director harvested three pieces of music which we had tried (and failed) to play earlier in the month. Then we plowed through a lot of tunes, working on bits of a few of them, not playing all of some others which won't be on the May concert program. Usually we are done by 9:15 but tonight we went till 9:30, or close to it.

Home, put away the drugs, took my usual night time doses. Last week it dawned on me to do the math. My insulin base injections are supposed to last 12 hours. However, I had been shooting up at whatever time I was ready to leave for work, and whatever time I went to sleep. Now I'm shooting up between 9 and 10 am and as close to 10 pm as possible. There has been some lowering of blood sugars as a result.

While I was putting the drugs away, I remembered what may have drowsied me out - this morning I was feeling pollinated, so I took an antihistamine. It's one which pre-dates Claritin, and is not non-drowsy.

Plans for tomorrow:

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