Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

OMG This Is Frustrating

7 pm call for rehearsals tonight, once again I could have waited till 7:30 and been early. And once again she had totally blown her blocking design, and kept changing it on us. She had me change starting places 4 times in one scene. And she shuffled everyone a lot.

We only ran through the 3-scene sequence once after it was blocked it by bit, and it barely worked. We had half an hour left, but she sent the men home instead of running it until we knew it.

This is my only rehearsal this week, men's chorus was canceled for tomorrow, and Thursday is a must-go to YOTB practice, since we have a concert Sunday.

With the rehearsal canceled, I signed up for a photo shoot portrait workshop with my favorite photo host. Unfortunately there's not model, we're using a mannequin, but that means it only costs $20 instead of the usual $90. I have two portrait lenses I have been wanting to play with, and can use some more info on how to set up lighting. Okay, I already know it all, but he knows even more.

Work got real serious today. I'm pretty sure anything specific I post about it would violate my NDA, so suffice to say engineering is working its butt off because of stuff QA reported from running long-term tests over the weekend.

There was an up side to that. I was able to watch a lot more video and listen to a lot more audio than usual, to set up all-day and overnight tests which would further help troubleshoot some issues. And am pissed off because our lab is streaming ESPN at 720p instead of 1080i. I'll have to talk to someone about that.

Lunchtime was at the Round Table pizza buffet. They actually made two fresh pizzas just as I arrived at 1:15. And then they boxed everything up at 1:45, which is well before they are supposed to close up shop.

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo shoot

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