Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Three Days In One

So this happened
Work. There was a lot of video and audio monitoring. Which also gave me time to peruse many RSS feeds. Lunch at Starbucks. Much eye candy. Stayed late at work because after was a photo workshop in the opposite direction from home, at a studio in San Jose. My favorite photog showed a bunch of ways to use a single light for portraits. To keep expenses down, we used a mannequin. I was able to demonstrate why one shoots at 1/60 to 1/125 with most cameras when using a flash. This was at 1/400:

It's called the curtain effect, because there's a curtain which slides across the sensor which needs to be in sync with the flash.

We used a few different light boxes and umbrellas for different effects.

Thursday was MOS at work, instead of lunch I went for a manicure, and let her talk me into using shellac instead of acrylic, because she claimed it was the SNS nails which my sister had recommended. She lied. And within a few hours one of my nails was nicked and bleeding a little.

Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsal at 7:30. I got there a little late because work ran late, had to wait for a new build from Engineering. The nice thing about being late is I got to hear the band playing Colonel Bogey March as I walked through the parking lot. They sounded excellent. You never really know what the band sounds like when you're in it.

Went shopping afterwards at the nearby new huge Safeway, and that was an adventure. 10 pm in Los Altos is like 2 am in Mountain View or Sunnyvale. It's a HUGE store, and it is laid out in a split design with food on the left and right, non-food/pharmacy stuff in the middle. So to get from produce to bakery is quite a hike.

And now it's winding up Friday.
Left home early, because the electricals were being shut off at 8:30 to install a new transformer, and it was bagel day at work, which I have been too late for the last several weeks. Had a long chat with Automation Guy about the craptastic test case tracking software which was foisted upon us for the new product. And somehow that morphed into a discussion of the origins of Bangladesh, prompted by talking about the current boat people crisis in SE Asia. He had been unaware that there had once been an East and West Pakistan, and the racist shenanigans the UK pulled which created those faux nations.

Lunchtime I went to the nails place to see if I could get them redone, bust she didn't have time. So I'm stuck for the weekend with soft nails. And maybe bandaids. Or I may see if one of the real SMS nails places can take me. Since it was late, and I was nearby, Home Town Buffet for alleged lunch. I get the senior rate so it is less painful financially.

Yet another build today right at go-home time, but I had nothing to be late for. Went straight home, hung out on the porch, and after many minutes of no hummingbirds but a lot of warbling from songbirds, a hummer came by who was definitely new in town. Black-chinned hummingbird, Audubon says it is called. Male. Medium sized, it perched on top of a rose bush for a moment, bounced from branch to branch on the dogwood across the street, checked out some of the non-flowing hedges in neighbors' yards, and finally perched on the feeder, the perch closest to me.

Have not had dinner yet, I suppose I should do that soon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check
P.O., return an unusually poorly made jacket to KingSize
City Dump, recycle the boxes which the futon arrived in
Maybe look for an SNS nails place
Maybe get the car washed

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