Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Absolutely livid

Tonight's rehearsal was unforgivable. Call for men was 8. Director asked us for 5 more minutes, then proceeded to take 45. Choreographer was there to block our opening number. We were told at auditions there would not be choreography for the men's chorus. This has turned into a complicated number, and our chances of being able to sing and do this routine at the same time is zero. And she kept changing things.

And she made us stay 10 minutes late. Stage manager did not enforce the 10 pm rule.

Tomorrow I will arrive at 7:30. If they have not started I will quit.

Work was humdrum, which is a good thing. The new product is finally basically working.

Lunch at Boston Market. Love their pot pie & cinnamon apple slices.

Home after work, I thought Spook lost her pink ball so I gave her the yellow one from that set (four in the bag, pink was the first).

Home after rehearsals, she had found the pink ball, but played catch with me with the yellow one. And ran around the house. Her, not me.

Plans for tomorrow:

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