Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

They Just Make This Stuff Up As They Go

"Ze", the only cast member who is older than me, said this as rehearsals ended tonight. Yup. What's sad is the choreographer have everything written down, and even has numbers assigned to each cast member. But she changes the numbers with each formation, and she has no idea that we have more bodies than we have room across the stage.

And why is it when I type "no" it gets changed to "not"? And "is it" becomes "is is"?

Maybe the wireless keyboard needs new batteries.

Last night Spook was in bed with me most of the night. At 4:40 am she was there when I went to take a leak, but she was gone by the time I was done. I woke up again a little after 6, and finally at 7:30 with the alarm, but somehow managed to watch videos till 8:30 and not get out of the house till 9:10. Okay, part of that is I suspected that the build I had installed on the new machine was from the day before, so I spent time WFH, installing the right build.

Work was quiet, mostly monitoring the new build, and troubleshooting some minor suspicions I had. Yes, there is something funky about our ESPN stream which is not funky with our other MPEG4 live videos. But they all give me annoying event messages each time a CUEI signal appears in the stream. That's a signal that the feed will be ready to accept a commercial in about 3 seconds. And there's another event message when our machine acknowledges that signal. This is all industry-standard, no NDA stuff there. Move along.

Yesterday boss announced he is going to Thailand for about a month. His wife is Thai, they own a house in the middle of nowhere there. If I go this year, it will be late December or more likely next year, January.

Lunch was going to be Sizzler, but ahead of me when I got there was a busload of people who had no idea what they wanted, and it took them longer than I wanted to wait for them to unblock the pathway or figure it out. And by then the line was crowding me so I left. Togos is not too far away, so I went there.

Back at work, had to wait till 6 for the new build, and another 15 miknutes to install it and make sure my machine was still running.

Home after work, delivered was the gift I had cafe press make for johnnyeponymous, and the small folding music stand I saw a couple of people in the band using. Mine is just too hefty. Hauling the Baritone is tough enough.

Waited till 7:15 and took the scenic route to rehearsals, got there at 7:30, did not seem to have missed anything. So much for being on time for the bogus 7 pm call. 

We went over a few scenes which had been blocked, but from the confusion at the front desk you would think we had never run them. So they made stuff up. And changed it a few times. They reluctantly let us leave at 10, not finished, because they are so damned disorganized.

This show is never going to come together as far as the men's chorus is concerned. The women are doing better because they get a lot more rehearsal time, and some of them are actually dancers. Two of the three leading men are struggling, part of this was a "pulled out of their butts" decision by the director and stage mangler to have everyone off book way too soon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Same old, plus a 1-on-1
Rehearsal, shoot for closer to 7:15 this time

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