Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Work, Play

The usual at work, except my 1-on-1 was mostly chatting about non-work, as boss is about to be in Thailand for a month, and we also share some photo interests.

Lunchtime I went to the Computer History Museum and dropped off a present for johnnyeponymous. A pair of tote bags with this design on each side:

His wife just bore twins, and he has decided they are penguins. I have no idea why.

Had lunch at the Togo's across the street, and was almost on time to get to an all hands meeting at work when about 5 miles from jy exit traffic went to a dead stop, and I was in the far left lane, trapped. After about 15 or 20 minutes I got parallel to the accident, police were on the scene, some very high end town car was smashed so bad its front passenger side wheel was at an angle which said "broken axle" but the 3/4 ton pickup and the small passenger car also in the emergency lane appeared to be okay.

Got back to work well after the meeting was over, but had to avoid the room because it was followed by an ice cream social. Which in this company means "grab some cheap ice cream and bolt".

Spent most of the day monitoring the video streams, but also finally figured out how to complete a test case which had been hanging for too long.

And had to wait till 6:30 for the latest build, which meant no time to go home before rehearsals. They actually started almost on time.

We re-ran a scene which had been blocked & choreographed before, but I didn't hardly recognize it because the choreographer refused to look at her notes, and kept re-arranging us. She keeps doing this. Next week she is out of town, maybe we can train the director to follow her notes, which is also a problem.

And then we had a break, and one fellow who has a solo ran through that twice, and then we did another number where the men's chorus sings two words at the end of the song. Waste of time.

I don't know if I mentioned the useless postcard-sized "posters" they gave us to give out. The producer is wondering why we don't grab handfuls of them. Well, it's because they are ugly, are printed on both sides, yet don't list the cast and cannot be mailed. So today he had slightly better one, way too big, requires first class mail, and the illustration is of the title role sitting at an angle which makes her look fat. She is tall and painfully slender IRL. And that's what the character should look like. Again it doesn't list the cast, so again FAIL.

I'm not advertising this show to any of my friends. They'll see it enough on Facebook from other cast members.

This is three shows in a row at Lyric which are directing failures. I'm done with them.

About the only good thing I can say about tonight's rehearsal is they let the men go early. After wasting half an hour of our time for that one phrase.

Plans for tomorrow


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