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I used to have a terrible temper. But I learned to tame it, and have not shouted at someone in anger in years. Tonight that record was broken by the Iolanthe choreagrivator. While demonstrating a spinning X formation, she stupidly decided to only have one leg of the X traverse the stage. Right into me. I moved out of the way and sat on the stage right bench to get out of the way while she set the X up again. And she gave me a hard time about it. And went into a minor rant about how nobody likes the way she directs.

Then she had us run the X routine twice, and I thought it went fine. It landed me on the other side of the stage, which fit the music. She gave some directio I didn't hear because (a) she had her back to me and (b) three other chorus members were talking  and had us do it again. Apparently what she had been saying was we needed to go faster, and get all the way back to our original positions. I didn't make it. I got back to the place we got to the first two times. I said she changed it. She said she didn't change it, we just didn't do it the way she had it in her mind, so we didn't do it right the first two times. I shouted that she changed it, like she changes everything.

I gave her my hardest icy stare, and she tried to hold it, which was stupid of her, but she finally looked away and moved on.

By now we were 10 minutes overtime, the director suggested we were done for the night.

As soon as I got home I wrote a very short letter to the producer withdrawing from the show.

That's the third production at Lyric Theatre I have suffered through, so I'm done with them.

I had already told the band I would be taking the month off. There was no rehearsal tonight, but there will be next Thursday. Not sure if I will go. I suppose I should.
Interesting announcement the other day on FB from someone who rarely posts there. A guy who is singularly unattractive of face, IMHO, is "in a relationship". She looks a lot like him. Well, good for both of them.
June 4 is my middle sister's birthday. She lives in Baltimore, but is back home in Seattle this week. Dinner at the Space Needle was a gift from her son, who lives back east and is there waiting for the arrival of his second child.This sister is the first one to go to grade school in Seattle. We moved from New York when she was in 5th or 6th grade. I left Jonas Salk Jr High in the middle of 9th grade, it had been a Jr-Sr high the previous year, so older sister was robbed after half a year at Douglas MacArthur High School to spend 10th grade in Rainier Beach Jr-Sr. When middle sister graduated a year early, the band director invited me back to play for commencement, and we played a processional I wrote and arranged.
Work was kind of ho-hum, my machine was stable, so I was able to put all four video streams on my screen, ESPN plus three movie channels. The task was to monitor them all, switching audio from one to another from time to time. Here is what they played:
Fun With Dick & Jane
X-Men The Last Stand
Double Take
The Heat
Airplane! (for the 47th time on encore)
Red Dragon (Hannibal Lechter 3)
Man of the Year
Airplane! 2
High School High
16 Blocks

Most of them are drek. I was enjoying Man of the Year, almost at the ending when engineering released a new build, which made me miss the ending. I have never seen the film, so still don't know how it ends. High School High introduced me to two very pretty women: Tia Carrere and Malinda Williams. The latter had some amazing moves. Other than that, the movie is a huge festering pile of stink. And X-Men TLS let us see parts of Rebecca Romijn I had not seen before. Not such a blockbuster aside from that.

Lunch was a croissant and mocha at Starbucks, trying to memorize my words for the scene 25 music we would be rehearsing tonight. Almost got them down, but the words for the first time through don't scan with the ones for the repeat, so I never quite got it.

Sometime after lunch the SM emailed that we would be doing the last 5 scenes, call was at 7 pm. I replied that since the men's chorus is not in the first 4 of those, is there a reason we are called so early? She must have gotten a few of those, because a few hours later she changed the chorus call to 7:45. This let me go home after work. I got to rehearsals at 7:30 or so, and of course the director wasn't ready for us until 8:15.

It's an easy scene, but there are too many people onstage to do the spins which were choreographed.

And the rest I have already covered.

Plans for tomorrow:
National Donut day. try to be at work early enough for the donuts. Coincidence - we have donuts alternating with bagels every Friday and last week was bagels.
Maybe stop off at Lowe's for a couple of small projects which I'd put off till after Iolanthe. Replace the livingroom roller shades & check what it would cost to replace two of the windows.
Sometime during the day I expect a reply from the producer.



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