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Thursday night's decision to drop out of a show for the first time ever kept me awake all night. I think my last look at the clock before I fell asleep was 4:40 am. I should have been a zombie Friday, but I was there before 9, had a donut and a cup of coffee (the theory being coffee would keep me awake better than my usual diet Coke), and my test machine was still hosed so I had something exciting to keep me awake.

At about 1:30 am I had tried to log into the machine from home, because the engineer in charge suggested I reboot it to see if that would bring it around, but his email was sent after I'd gone to rehearsals. I could not reach the machine, or any of the others in its group, and there was email from a couple of cow-orkers that the test group area was offline.

Still was offline when I checked, so I went into the lab and pulled the plug on my machine, then plugged it back in. I suspected the machine was spewing video on the network, and maybe it was causing the problem. I may have been right, because when I got back to my desk magically the network was back up for all of us in that test group. And the IT guy wasn't saying what he did to fix it.

But my machine was still hosed, so maybe not.

I emailed the powers that be, and engineering told me to let them take a look. So I found other things to do (check the news feeds, catch up on Chris Christ videos, play solitaire). A couple of hours later the head of hardware engineering came by to ask if the machine was still having issues, I told him software engineering had it, and they have not updated me yet.

So he checked with them, the machine was still having problems, so he got the lead software engineer and they went into the lab to work together on it.

Which is when the Usual Suspects gathered for lunch, this time to Andy's BBQ which usually has seating at noon on Friday, unlike the other places we tend to go to. So I joined them. The food is good there, but huge portions, so I took home about half the brisket and a couple of pieces of garlic bread.

By the time we got back, engineering had figured it out, and got the machine stable.

So I was back to watching 3 movies and ESPN. Important at this point to monitor all the audio too (each movie has at least 2 channels, one of them has 4 - Dolby English, Dolby Spanish, PCM English and PCM Spanish. ESPN says it has Spanish but it feeds an identical English stream in its SAP feed).

Movies on tap were:
Higher Learning (Kristie Swanson)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (""Kristie Swanson)
The World According to Monsanto
The Internship
Malibu's Most Wanted
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Pearl Harbor

On the way home, stopped at Lowe's and had a pair of roller shades cut to size (I'd brought one with me for them to measure). Dark brown sun filtering instead of beige blackout. Also asked about replacing those two window panes but the woman at that desk said I needed a lot more information. I think I'll take the advice of the woman who cut the shades and find someone on porch.com to come out and do an estimate.

Home, took a nap. Then installed the shades. They fit perfectly.

It was still light out, and the roses were blooming again, and many more Bee's Friend flowers too, and a couple of the poppies. So I got the camera out and shot a bunch of photos. I usually do this with the cell phone, but wanted some high def ones. Also got a couple of cute pix of Spook.

I had seen a recipe for glazed walnuts, and made a batch. Overcooked them a little, I will have to try again sometime soon. These are still edible, but not addicting.

My brain said it was dinner time, but I was feeling a tad nauseous. Reheated the Andy's leftovers, sat down to eat, but couldn't. Put that back in the fridge, and went to bed.

I should add that Spook was following me around, meowing at me all evening. Somewhere in there I updated Facebook, and while I was doing that, Spook did this:

Also during the day, I reserved a space in Saturday's photo shoot.

Have not heard back from the Iolanthe producer. The email went out and didn't bounce, so I'm taking it as just another example of the effed-up nature of the production.

It's time to get ready to go shoot pictures of a naked woman.

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