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Mister Eclectic

Well, shoot!

Was up early, but didn't have to be. Photo shoot at 10, 15 minutes away. Checked email and Facebook for any sign that Producer had replied to my email, but there was none.

Pretty good photo shoot. We did two parts. First part the model was nude in the studio, we each got to shoot in three different lighting setups. Then out to SE San Jose to a scenic bridge which is apparently part of a country club, but open to the public. Beautiful setting with a view of far away San Jose downtown, except the way the sun was, we shot the first set with the street in the background and the second set with the model among some foliage, and the scenery behind her was only sky.

I was not pleased with the nudes, only a small handful which I would put in a portfolio. She is average shaped, not the toned figure I was expecting. But she has a pretty face, and all my best shots were close-ups, like this one:

That was outdoors, this was in the studio:

I was a little late getting to the location, because when I checked my phone before driving there, it showed a missed call and voicemail from The Producer. His voicemail said he had not received anything from me, but two of the production staff said they had**. So I called him back and confirmed that there was nothing at this point which could bring me back, and he told me confidentially the choreagrivator had also left the show. I suspect she will be back. She was due to be away next week anyway.

I left a note on my Facebook page that I was history, so far only one cast member replied. We had been in another disaster at that theater. Something which was not a factor in my decision, but is a reason I can't be persuaded back, is the men and women don't have much stage time together, and what they have is as angry adversaries. It's not a way to make friends.

Yesterday I had un-friended the director (she was a friend from previous shows we were in together) so she would not get told on FB. I also left the FB group for the production.

Lunch was late, leftovers which I had no stomach for at yesterday's dinner. Dinner was a mess. I was going to make my famouse mac 'n' cheeses with sausage. Cut up the frozen sausage, put it in water to boil, poured the last bit of elbow macaroni out of the bag, and out came a bunch of weevils. So all that went down the drain. Opened a can of baked beans, heated that up, cracked in an egg, and added the sausage. It tasted great but looked like barf.

Channel surfed and found myself on BBC America, just as Orphan Black was starting. A lot of my basfa friends have been talking about it, but they have also been talking about Orange is the New Black and I kind of confused the two. I had no idea what the former was about, had some clue about the latter. I gave it about 15 minutes, which was 14 minutes too much. Horrible horrible production values. They play Blair Witch Project with the video when they don't have to, the score is some kind of electronic music in surroundsound which is so loud I had to turn on closed captioning, which doesn't stay on the screen long enough. I get some of the plot, but the actors are not doing it for me. It could have been a gripping science fictions show for me but it's un-watchable.

American Pharoah won the Belmont. I saw CNN's replay of the final stretch, and he won by at least 2 lengths. Triple Crown. Yay! Maybe now he can spell his name correctly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Don't know. It will probably be in the 80s again. Ought to do something outdoors. Tempted to go back to the shoot location and wait for falcons and hawks to glide by. Except we only saw one of each while we were there.

**mystery solved. I sent email to the email address he used for audition stuff, instead of his real one.

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