Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring and Hot

I had nothing on my calendar for today, which is good because it was too hot outside to do much of anything. I did have an agenda item of replacing the spoiled pasta, and since I was out of bananas and almost out of frozen meals, Safeway was my destination, and I spent abut $10 less than usual because I'd bought the expensive stuff last week.

Was tempted to stop off at Home Depot and ask about replacing my frosted windows, but not with things in the car which could melt, and it being close to 90° outside. Ditto stopping at Peet's or Specialty's.

Home, put stuff away, turned up the aircon, stripped the bed and went into the futon room for a clean set of sheets. Sat on the futon to pull that out, and Spook jumped up next to me, purring like a giant furry purring machine. She loves that futon.

Made the bed, Spook helped by diving under the fitted sheet as I was fitting it. Finally had to pick her up and throw her off.

It was such a boring day that I even picked her up a few times, the plan being to build up her tolerance. She still has a knee-jerk negative reaction to having her rear escape route blocked.

Watched the last two episodes of TMZ. I don't know why I do that. I guess I like the cast, and especially like when some new person is invited in with a scoop.

It was still light at 7, I drove out to the Mercado to hang out at Starbucks, for the view. Passed by the wings place, they had the basketball game on, screens pointing to the outside, so there were people on the sidewalk watching, blocking traffic. It was very loud.

Lots of view at *$s, there also was a lot of short-shorts action at Safeway, come to think of it.

Home, fast forwarded through most of 2 week old Sabado Gigante. One impressive star of the future, all the way from Puerto Rico but none of the adult talent was worth the air time.

Divvied up the new pasta into ziplock baggies, kept a cup of large elbow macaroni out and made something like mac 'n' cheese for dinner. Cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew chunks for dessert. 

Plans for tomorrow:

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