Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My electric bill is going to be higher...

Aircon must have been on most of the day. 90's for hours. Got home to a lovely 77° which I set down to 74.
Anther work day of monitoring movie feeds. Winter's Tale was new to me, and pretty good, though a bit too violent. Blazing Saddles was one of them, but I've seen it a few times, and only like about 10% of it. By far the worst to look at was The Shaggy Dog.

The good news is the machine stayed up all day, and there were only occasional glitches, which could have been the effect of running 4 or 5 videos on the same screen.

Lunchtime went to Denny's.  The guy who seated me did not understand that I don't fit in their booths, but worse yet is he did not understand that all their booths are the same size from seat to table. Showing me a longer booth does not help. He finally shoved a chair at the end of a booth, which was not what I was going for, but I put up with it. Two screaming children and very long wait for the order taker, I should have left.

It was a long wait for tonight's build, did not get out of work till 6:40. Good thing no rehearsals, and it also made BASFA less appealing.

So I stayed home.

Took the iPod out of the car after it started throwing annoying things at me. Chapters of an audio book I don't want to hear out of order. Too many of lemmozine's offerings**. Other than that, setting the music player to "random" has been interesting and more of  WIN than not. Shakira followed by Gwen Knighton. Dialog from The Pirates of Penzance which would normally lead into a song, leading into Meatloaf's Not A Dry Eye In The House. And so on.

So I reset the device to factory settings, which erases all the tunes, and went through my iTunes to eliminate duplicates, nuke the audio books, and pare down Lem's to A Dog And His Boy and his ambidextrous banjo-mandolin rendition of the Foggy Mountain Breakdown. And made dinner and watched TMZ while it synced.

**I like his stuff, but had all of the CD collection on the iPod, which made it a larger percentage of my music than if I had simply chosen to tunes I like the best.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe make a trip at lunchtime to Maaco's to see about having the car painted something more stand-outish than silver.

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