Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just Another Boring Day In Paradise

Got to work over the two speed bumps**, to the sight and sound of jack hammers busting up asphalt in the side of the parking lot by the satellite dishes. Judging from the piles of pipes and tubular objects, and the emptiness of the add-on shack which housed the old aircon system (they put a new one on the roof about 8 months ago), they are going to tear that eyesore down.

**The assholes that be decided the building next door, which we own and other departments inhabit, needed to be made safe™ the same way Moto made our building safe by installing zebra striped blockades, which they laughingly cal speed bumps. That happened rudely Monday. So now there is no way to get into the back parking lot without inflicting damage, twice, on our shocks and suspension.

Mostly routine day, the late build last night ran fine overnight, and only glitched once during the day, and I think that was more due to our flaky cable feed.

Lunch was at Panda Express, and that will be the last time, The prices have skyrocketed, the choices have been reduced, and seating is uncomfortable. There was some eye candy, but I would have done better at the bad Chinese food place near San Thomas & El Camino. Starbucks in both places is a choice, but lately their food has gone from bad to panni.

Early build tonight, but I stayed till 6 anyway. They had me add three more movies to my machine, which gave me a lot to watch and more to try to unsee.

The worst by far was The Lone Ranger which I had almost gone to the cinema to see, but was warned away by most of my friends. They made a complete mockery of the tale, and the makeup/costumes were designed to make the audience vomit into their popcorn. Depp was, as usual, a totally unrecognizable-as-Depp character, but the inane script and asinine directing forced him into a Tonto which never was, and shouldn't have been. His voice was exactly right for the part he should have been given to play, but everything else was FAIL.

Another bomb was The Producers, which I only caught from Springtime For Hitler to the next 10 minutes. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are so not Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, which means the fat shaming by fat Matt doesn't work. And Springtime was cut to about 12 dancers. Lame.

My standard stream is ESPN, but I ended up minimizing the window because they were all about the NBA finals, as if nothing else in sports was happening. Until they cut to a college baseball game. They broadcast the whole game. WTF?

Straight home from work, there were some minuscule raindrops on the windshield, it was very muggy and windy and clouds were high but darkening. At home I sat on the porch waiting for the storm, but all I got was muggy stillness. Re-filled the hummingbird feeder, and was rewarded by lots of visits. Something which looked at first like a bumble bee was touring the Bees' Friend flowers, which are now out in force. On closer look, it was some kind of beetle. Japanese?

Microwave Boston Market for dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
probably should call the denture clinic. they're a week overdue

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