Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Last Things Furst

Woke up with Things To Do Online, so I did them before doing my usual morning abominations.

- Wrote a shopping list for a Target run
- Ordered a thinner futon mattress **
- Read comments to my FB posts

Spook was on the bed with me most of the night. She's starting to scoot up to where I can pet her. I have to be careful about that, because sometimes she thinks I want to play, and the claws come out.

Got sucked into a "which candidate do you agree with most?" meme, which was well thought-out, and had drop-downs with answers that fit my opinions better than the top 3. It gave me a high score with Bernie, even though I said fracking was okay and people who sneak into the country without a visa, or overstay their visa, should not get public doles of any kind.

That made me not early for work, but that was okay because the team Type A had already looked at all the machines and sent mine in as having broken overnight.

I had a good idea what broke it, so I spent a lot of time adjusting video feeds and not really paying attention to the content, just the quality. So E.T., Rainman, Serenity and Scary Movie did not get a lot of earphone time.

Lunchtime was spent at Target in search of Breathsavers (they were out) and string (they don't stock any). But I did score some Visene at less than generic price, and cheap reading glasses (I am so sad Dr. Dean Edell retired). And Polident. Which reminds me, I forgot to call the dentist. When I walked outside for lunch, it was raining. And about 70°. Felt like summer in Seattle. I had not worn a jacket, but I keep my UW alumni marching band jacket (which is waterproof) in the hatchback, so I wore that and stayed dry.

The build was late again, but without rehearsals to worry about, staying till 6:30 was no problem.

Home, was pleased that more flowers were blooming, but the rain and wind had knocked the petals off half the poppies.

**Earlier in the week I decided for no apparent reason to try converting the futon from couch to bed with the mattress on. It required shifting the beast so it didn't hit the rack of old photo albums, and it was quite a chore because the mattress is heavy! 10", springs inside says the spec, though it can't be more than 8". There are no handles, a big WTF for a mattress.

Getting the thing back into sofa mode was almost impossible for one person. I finally achieved it, sat down on it, and Spook jumped up on it beside me.

I will give away or sell the mattress, and will use the 6"-thick replacement instead.

Been thinking about painting the car something more recognizable than generic silver. Friends suggested a vinyl wrap, which can be very colorful. But it's also very expensive, as it is priced for business advertising, and it doesn't last reliably more than a couple of years, again designed for businesses which lease their fleet, and can transfer the wrap to a new car each year or 2.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maaco at lunchtime
Not sure if I will got to band practice, or still take the month off from band. If the build is late, that will answer the question for me.

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