Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I can't think of anything to buy online today

En route are a spirit house from Thailand and a futon mattress.

I bought at Target the readers I usually buy online.

The alarm went off at 7:30 as usual, and I checked for cat (no cat), turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. 8-ish, I woke back up, turned on the radio, and as I was getting out of bed almost used the cat as a launch pad,  because there she was, sprawled out on the bed behind me. I had not heard or felt her arrive. I rarely do.

Got to work, there were cranes and heavy equipment in the parking lot, getting ready to depart. In the parking lot taking up the spaces I usually park in were huge and heavy pieces of the archaic former air conditioning unit. Looked like a mini submarine, in pieces.

Work was the same as yesterday, but without as much to do because my machine behaved itself overnight, with only one mystery alarm. I did not record or even look up the movies playing, because they were mostly bad and/or repeats. One was an old Superman. Most of them were far too violent to get a handle on the audio quality. Violent scenes always peg the meter, so you don't know if the distortion is because of the movie or the three or four devices it has traveled through.

Lunchtime I went to Maaco, and they shot down the idea of doing the $500 repaint on a new car. They would do a total remove/repaint for 6 grand, which is not doing on a Prius. "If you want a different color on a new car, you need to buy a car in that color". But they don't make those colors. Sorry.

Checked the vinyl wrap places again. $3500 for a total wrap. And they recommend only hand washing, keeping it in a garage, and having it replaced every couple of years.

The build came to us early, so I got out on time. Decided to blow off the band rehearsal and went for a massage instead. OMG she has strong hands, and knows how to use them. She didn't believe me when I told her I'm ticklish, don't touch the bottoms of my feet. I hope that bruise heals.

I had to park across the street, the parking lot which is usually 90% full at 6:30 was 110% full. Idiots parked in fire lanes. Easy to see why - there are two very popular sports bars and a restaurant with lots of screens, and the NBA playoffs were starting. And then there was the usual traffic from the 24-hour fitness.

Home, the house is 77°. Outside it is 72.

Spook curled up on the sheepskin for the first time in months.
Phone photo is too fuzzy to share here.

Until sunset I was out on the porch, several people walking by paused to admire the poppies. Everyone has roses, but not a lot of poppies.

The fuchsia is dying, I soaked it, but I think it's a goner. I have never been able to keep those alive outside, ever. In other news, the lime tree is thriving for the first time in a year, and a couple of tiny buds have appeared. The Bees Friend flowers are out in force, and almost as tall as the hedge, which was what I had hopoed for but did not expect. I should order more seeds and plant in other places. The hollhock seeds were all DOA.

ESPN is all NBA all the time today. Boring. But one of their secondary channels had a panel on women's soccer, even more boring.

Plans for tomorrow:
Who knows?

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