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A day that starts with bees and bloodletting can't be all bad

Finished dinner at about 10 pm, which meant I had to fast till 10 am at least, so the plan was to wake up at 9, do my morning stuff, and go for my fasting blood test. But first I took the camera outside and looked for carpenter bees. There were none, but ther were bumble bees and honey bees on the Bees Friend flowers. I have never seen bees in the neighborhood before, so this is a big win.

Both at the same time

Put the camera away, took my Hgl reading, it was 165, which surprised me for no eating all night, so I shot up my usual 150 units of low-test insulin, and went to Kaiser. There were only two people ahead of me in the lab reception area, which was surprising, but when I went around the corner to the blood draw area, there was a long line and every seat in the lab was taken. But they have lots of techs working, so I was done in 15 minutes.

By now it is a good time to head for the nails place, have an early lunch in one of the many spots in that shopping center, and then have my nails done. Picked a place called Classic Guilin Rice Noodles, which has beautiful menus, photos of most of the dishes, and all numbered. The place started to fill up after I was seated, and it took 10 minutes for someone to take my order. The mango drink which was sort of dessert came first, then the noodle dish, and just as I was finishing, the spring rolls appetizer made it to my table. I asked for a to-go box for that, which got to me in a few seconds, but then I sat for another 5 minutes, expecting a check. Finally took my table slip to the cashier, who was surprised to see two non-servers at her station ( a woman sitting across the way had the same issue - service is slow and random).

The food is okay, the service sucks, the prices are okay but too high to justify the poor service. I won't be going back.

Walked to the end of the block for Baskin Robbins. Note to self: one scoop is enough.

Now it was time to wander to the nails place, about 10 minutes early. But they have comfortable seats to wait in. And much eye candy today. One college age woman was having a mani-pedi, and was all splayed out in the recliner - foil-wrapped hands over her head and off to the sides, one leg on each side of the ottoman. Totally relaxed. I suggested they check her pulse. She laughed.

My nails had chipped a lot, so she completely removed all the gunk and started from scratch. I'll have to check with Middle Sister, but I suspect this is how SNS Nails is done each time. The theory is it heals the nails underneath, and eventually the nails become hard enough to not need armor plating.

Next stop was Summer Winds nursery. I figured there was one nearby. Asked my GPS to take me to the nearest one, and it put me on CA-85 to Winchester, and then around the corner from Netflix, where I had worked years ago. No nursery. GPOS POI FAIL - it took me to corporate HQ, a business office.

So I set up the GPS to link to Bing maps, and tried again. It took me to a Summerwinds nursery back the same way I had come, maybe 3 blocks from the nails place.

I asked the nice man to show me hanging plants which could take full sun, and he showed me a basket the same as the one I was replacing because the flowers got fried in part shade/part sun.

So we tried the idea of taking flowers that were not in hanging pots, but could be put into them. I got some lantana and verbena and some hangable empty pots. And some potting soil just in case.

Home, unloaded the car, put the flowers and stuff along the side of the carport. Used the facilities, had a glass of lime soda, and then went to Starbucks in Mountain View to chat with Janice, who spent the last 2 weeks with the Red Cross in Texas flood country.  And the parking lot started to become a rerun for her. There was some kind of country concert aimed at high school aged kids, and that Starbucks doesn't enforce the "customers only" rule for their single restroom, so there was a line for that blocking the line for the baristas, and there were lots of summer dresses, Daisey Dukes and cowboy boots. And by the time we left, the parking lot was filled with monster pickup trucks flying American flags, filling coolers with beer from the 7-11.

And that will be the last time we patronize that Starbucks, because on the front was pasted a liquor license application. We will both be writing to the liquor board protesting. There is no need for them to be selling booze, and it will make their employment of under-21 people restricted greatly. 

 Home, fired up the PC and it gave me some Intel RAID controller firmware error messages. That probably means bad sectors on my RAID drives, so after I post this I'll run a scan on that array. Maybe check to see if there is a firmware update first.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make some hanging baskets, and hang them
Maybe see a movie


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