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Stuff Got Done

But I took my time. Hold on, my drink is empty...
Okay, that's fixed. After months of forgetting it was in the fridge, I decided tonight would be my time to open the Middle Sister brand champagne. It's very sweet, the bubbles are larger than regular champagne, so I kind of like it.

Trying to remember what I did today. I sat out on the porch enjoying the breeze and the rocking chair and the roses and Bees Friend flowers full of honey bees and bumble bees. No carpenter bees today. The hummingbirds were playing territory games, chasing each other away from the feeder more often than not.

Sometime around noon I felt a little nauseous, and bored, so I tried taking a nap. Lying down helped, Spook joined me for a minute, then decided the slightly open bedroom window behind the blackout curtain was more to her liking.

Finally got up after an hour or less, put new batteries in the bedside indoor/outdoor thermometer/hygrometer/barometer/clock. That helped, now I can see the digits when I hit the glow bar.

The Sony radio in the bath also needed batteries, and the Amazon Fire remote. But not all at once.

Someone posted on FB reminding me it was flag day, and I had taken my flag down months ago, so I got out the step ladder and put the flag back in its holder, and noticed it was significantly faded. New flag went on my Amazon list.

Lunch was yesterday's lunch re-heated.I ate it on the porch.

Meanwhile, the in-dash unit I was selling on eBay was getting stupid questions from people who had not bothered to read the listing, which had the answers. The unit sold for $10 more than the base asking price to one of the stupid questioners.

The gardening project de jour was to take the six small potted plants and load them into three hanging baskets, filling the empty spaces with potting soil. I set up a TV table and a folding chair in the shade in the carport, and got that done. Watered them and hung them from the porch.

While that was happening, I was charging a couple of lithium batteries for the hedge trimmer. They were still charging, and I was bored, and it was too sunny and hot to trim hedges, so I went to Specialty's, which miraculously still had a sticky bun available, also got a caffeine free diet coke, and set up the laptop. Something wrong with their internet connection, so after I finished the bun I drove to the Batcave Starbucks, had a frappuchino, and used their more reliable connection. Was expecting eye candy both places, but there was none. none. Boo hiss.

Home, put a battery in a hedge trimmer, and did a little trimming on the front hedges, but the real work was giving a haircut to the two wildly overgrown hedge plants on the side, which border the neighbor's garden strip. Lee, the little old (okay, maybe 60) Korean lady who does wonders with plants, was thrilled when I asked permission to trim her juniper bush so it wasn't pushing out my roses. After I had the two hedges and the juniper trimmed, I went inside for a black garbage/leaf bag and got the rake, and was going to clean up the trimmings, but Lee wouldn't let me, she insisted on doing it herself, since I had done the trimming work. I tried, but she kept pushing me out of the way. She did a good fast job of it too.

Dinner was one of those scalloped potato refrigerated servings, to which I added turkey sausage.

Fired up Amazon Prime, and looked for free stuff, and it gave me  Orphan Black, season 1 episode 1. So I watched about 15 minutes before it got way too boring. Next up was the trailer for Harper, because I'm reading William Goldman's book about his adventures in screenwriting, and that was his first. The trailer was not his, I hope, because it was all about the women in Harper's life. Nothing about the plot.

Finally went for H2O Just Add Water, which I walked away from when the world's worst special defects started.

Blood test results for everything except A1C are in, and they are all okay, but worse than 3 months ago. I have no idea why. I've been getting a lot more exercise doing the operetta than I'd had at the beginning of the year.

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