Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Can't Rust That Day

A whole night with Spook not in the bed. :-(

I slept fairly well, except for maybe one pit stop more than usual, and then at 6 am I was feeling a bit out of it, so decided to do an Hgl test, and it was way low at 72. Curled up on  the recliner with a Klondike bar and watched the morning news shows, all of which were in commercial for the 10 minutes it took to finish the ice cream.

Back to bed, and slept till the alarm went off at 7:30. Morning Edition is often a major WTF for me, the things they choose to cover in dept first thing in my morning are rarely things I want to hear about in depth, ever. Unfortunately, every other radio station is obsessed with traffic 50 miles away. Anyone can tell you it will be bad on Sunol Grade, there is really no need to keep saying it.

To work, early enough to check my machine, which had some serious issues over the weekend, and file the report before the 10 am team meeting. Boss is on vacation in Thailand, Boss' boss runs a shorter meeting. He covers the same things, but doesn't ask open-ended questions.

After the meeting he checked with the engineer in charge of the new product, and came to my cube to tell me that it's a known issue, I should just reboot and do whatever testing I needed. One of the team came to me later and told me to file a bug report, because even though it's a known issue, it was not formally being tracked. So I did that.

Had lots of movies on my screen, but the only ones I paid much attention to was Anna Karenina, which I thought was horribly miscast, and on top of that the men's facial hair designer was on drugs. And maybe the costumer, because some characters changed clothes four times a day. I did not get to see the ending, had to break for lunch.  Panic Room also got some of my attention, Jody Foster being one of my favorite actresses, but the level and graphic-ness of violence and tension was too high. All the other movies were repeats. This couple of weeks has bolstered my decision to remain a non-customer of the so-called premier channels. Very few movies I would want to see, and the losers repeated too many times.

Also on the machine was ESPN, which I mostly reduced to the taskbar, because they were doing overkill on Seth Curry and the NBA finals, and the only break in that was for a complete baseball game which wasn't worth the air time, But then, what complete baseball game is?

Lunchtime was a trip to the PO to get a large flat rate box, because the medium sized ones I have are way too small to mail the eBay item. Turns out the "large" box isn't. So on to CVS, where I bought a 12"x12"x12" and a 14" square and some packing tape because I thought I was almost out.

And then lunch at Armadillo Willy's. Pretty decent mushroom and swiss burger, though I would rather have had a small plate of something BBQ, which they don't offer.

Back to work, we were expecting a build by 5, but it didn't arrive till after 6. If I was still in the operetta, I would have missed that or been late, because they have moved to the theater in San Jose, which is a PIA to get to during rush hour.

I am still on the email list, and reading the director's notes and the stage manager's notes is amusing. Bottom line is they are still making last minute additions and changes, and the men's chorus is still making the same mistakes, and the director is still not giving the right directions. "At letter F you come down the steps" is not a valid direction when the cast is off-book, and only has a vague clue what words and notes are at letter F. And so on.

I'll probably go for the final show. There are some voices I truly want to hear, and by then it may not be a disaster anymore in the men's chorus, or for several minor leads who are struggling with their lines.

Home after work, pet the cat, refill her treats dish, which she mostly has ignored.

Packed up the eBay item in the 12" box, with a lot of shipping paper from the futon. Fired up the PC, printed a shipping label, and sealed up the box.

Then to basfa for the first time in months. Small attendance, some people I was especially very happy to see, maurinestarkey, johno and Chris, gil_liantarth & joanie. And a couple of people were absent whom I was happy were absent. But not johnnyeponymous and Vanessa, who will probably be absent for a while, what with the penguins and all that those imply.

The replacement waitress is doing a good job. 25 people, some couples but mostly separate checks. She replaces someone who had been our waitress for years, who was excellent until the group started attracting a full room. I'd say they are about equal.

Home, tackled a little airplane project. Janice helps one of her single mom friends with the friend's twins, who are about 8 or 10. A boy and a girl. The boy was gifted with an alleged toy motorized airplane which is controlled by a phone app. PowerUp 3.0. The boy, who we shall call Johnny, gave the kit to Janice to give to me, because "it doesn't work".

I got the app, charged the motor, fired up the app and it connected via bluetooth immediately, and I was able to spin up the propeller (which is the only control on the app which is a lever - the others depend on how you rotate the phone).

So I asked Janice to ask Johnny what doesn't work. "It doesn't fly". Oh. Okay. So today's project was the next step, which was to take a paper airplane template provided with the kit, fold it according the the diagram, clip the motor to it and see if it flies. Actually the first step in the instructions is that the paper airplane must be able to fly by itself. Which is sort of did. But it's a crappy design. And it's too long for the motor/propeller shaft, so the prop just rips a hole in the back of the plane. Adjusted that, and the prop doesn't have enough power or displacement to provide the lift needed to actually fly the plane.

So I emailed Janice and told her Johnny was right, it's a piece of junk and it doesn't fly. The app and BT connection are pretty sweet, though, and if someone made a small V-wing out of light plastic, there might be hope.

Plans for tomorrow
Post office, mail the box
Denture Clinic, second round of denture making. The forms are done, now for fitting the teeth. Used to be they made the denture while you waited, but I think now they send it out, and only use their lab for repairs.
Call Stevens Creek Toyota and find out if they have someone on duty Saturday who can program out the annoying backup beep. And schedule my 6-month free maintenance.

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