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That Championship Seasoning - Curry

10 am denture appointment gave me enough time to drop off the eBay box at the PO. After standing in line for 10 minutes, I get to the clerk and she says pre-paids can just be left on the counter. They should put up a sign.

Half an hour early to the clinic because no significant traffic, and he took me almost right away. Today was fitting the uppers and lowers together with an imprint of what is left of my bite. Return appointment Thursday, much quicker than me or the doc expected, to set the teeth. Or it may be the final. This only happens every 5 years, so I'm hazy on the procedure. And also the procedure has changed over time because they used to have the lab in-house, and dentures could be made the same day. Which I believe is why I chose that clinic in the first place.

To work by 10:45, after a stop at CVS for breathsavers and a route which took me past stevens creek toyota. When I got to work I made an appointment for Saturday for my 6-month check, and to re-program the reverse gear beep to only beep once. They tell me that's the best they can do. Effing stupid. The beep is only heard inside the car, and all it does is be annoying.

Back at work, my machine had behaved itself all night, but I did manage to break it in small ways later on.

Lunch was Sizzler, and there was only one person ahead of me in line, but turned out she was ordering for a table of 5. :-(

The place was packed, mostly with people much larger than myself.

Stopped at Lucky's on the way home mostly to use the coinstar® machine, which gave me a chit for $5 for Lowe's in return for 500 pennies.

While I was there, I thought I needed frozen dinners, so I bought some, and a bunch of bananas, mostly green because I still had 2, and 18 eggs because I finished the last hard boiled one today.

Home, put stuff away and there were lots of small frozen dinners, but room in the freezer for the new ones. Made one for dinner. Boiled up two dozen eggs, a dozen at a time. minus one which I had used in soup a week ago. In addition to the 18 I bought, I had 5 still in the fridge. Just before I put the first pot on the burner, I discovered why the house was too warm lately - the oven has been on. Felt warmth as I leaned against it, and sure enough, it was on about the 200° mark. I think I must have bumped in into place by accident, because I don't remember using that setting for months.

Fried chicken dinner, 1/8 of a cantaloupe for dessert. While watching ESPN and the Oakland channel spew about the Oakland basketball team's NBA championship win. Everybody gave Cleveland's Superman his props, but IMHO a one-man show has no place in a team sport. And the winners also mentioned timing. Chances are it would have gone the other way if the other team's #2 had not smashed his knee.

But a win s a win, and for the first time in forever, the bad officiating was not blamed for changing the outcome of the series. Mostly because the bad calls (and non-calls) went in Cleveland's favor.

Watered the hanging plants and the lime tree.

Delivered was a portable camera tripod, to replace one I donated to Goodwill by accident. At first I thought the box was the American flag, it was the right size. But probably not, because that will fit in an envelope.

Plans for tomorrow:

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