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Spook is on Facebook

After work I parked in the free wi-fi at Starbucks Batcave branch, set up an email address for Spook on my mail server, and used that to create a Facebook page for Spook Calico. I went with non-Spook images for profile and cover pix. I will probably upload a profile photo of her tomorrow.

Work was a little better because the last build was pretty stable. But most of the movies were re-runs, and ESPN was dissecting the NBA playoffs like a fetal pig or a pithed frog. I did manage to catch much of The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I found immensely slow and boring, and Girl, Interrupted which I saw at least twice during first run, was another non-rerun. Jolie and Ryder both deserved Oscars, though I can see how only Angelina got one. Whoopie Goldberg was seriously out of place, the same way she was in Star Trek. For the same reasons. They wanted her name. She wanted to do Something Different. Problem with Whoopie is she mostly plays Whoopie in someone else's clothes. A shame, because I saw her in SF before she was famous, doing a 1-woman show as Moms Mabley, and she nailed it. She can be a fine actress, but she has chosen instead to be a personality.

Lots and lots of big performances by small parts in Girl. One of the best all-around acted movies of all time, IMHO.

The Ides of March with Clooney & Hoffman was new to me, though I know I saw trailers for it long ago, and dismissed it as just another boring campaign drama. Which it pretty much is, except George and Philip Seymour brought it up to another level. Ryan Gosling pulls it back down a notch and a half.

Lunch at one-way Starbucks. It;s on San Tomas and El Camino, in a strip mall with a Pinkberry, a Chinese credit union, T-Mobile, Jamba Juice, bad fast Chinese food, UnoMas, and Noah's bagels. The too-small parking lot is a 1-way loop which is clearly marked with big white arrows, which too many idjits ignore. Had a turkey and havarti sandwich, iced tea and a chocolate croissant. Eye candy was minimal.

As mentioned above, parked at Starbucks Batcave on the way home, updated Windows on the laptop, and Norton too. No eye candy at all except for one barista called in to sub for someone.

Next, Lucky's, in the same shopping center, because I had walnuts and butter on my list, having been informed that margarine is no longer permissible (something about fat transsexuals) and I wanted to try my hand at caramel coated walnuts. Also picked up two helf gallons of lactose free milk, because it was on sale for much less than Costco price.

Home, delivered was a real embroidered flag, so I took down the faded printed one, and struggled over the clips which are too small, and installed the new one. It looks much better. Looks like it will last. The plan is to keep it up through 4th of July weekend, at least.

As I have pointed out to my many friends who worship Obama, and my not quite as many friends who think Reagan should be beatified, I may not like any government we have had since JFK, but I'm still a patriot. There is something about living and working in a foreign country, for that country's corrupt government, which made me appreciate much more how good we have it here. And how it could be so much better.

Watched the news, which went into way too much detail about the kids who were killed when the balcony they were partying on collapsed. Without once mentioning that the balcony was designed to hold 4 people, but somehow when it fell there were 13 or more people partying on it. All of them over 21, and Irish, probably drunk. The TV station is trying to blame it all on dry rot. I don't think so.

And of course there was a lot about the NBA championship, but that's okay because it's Oakland's only local TV station. And they may be named  Golden State, but they play in, and most of their fan base is in Oakland. I guess that will change in 2 years. I wonder if they will change the name.

Got my A1C test results. Worse than last time, but only a little bit. I have to stop snacking as much. I'm snacking on healthy things. Mostly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Denture Clinic at 9:30 - I'm not sure if this is the final or penultimate session.
Home, get the baritone & music stand
Home again


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