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So here we are at 11:22

Got out of bed on time for a change, and was ready 15 minutes earlier than I needed to be to go to the denture clinic. A very short appointment, we tried on the actual plates and teeth. Upper teeth were too short, he will make them longer so I have a smile again, and it may also help me whistle & play brass instruments. Final check set for next Wednesday, which may take longer, because there is some alignment to do which involves biting on carbon paper.

I told the doc I'd trust him to get the longer teeth right, because I'd been coming to the practice since 1983. Sort of. I went to Dr. Campbell's clinic in San Mateo, current doc's dad worked the Campbell clinic in San Jose. Eventually Campbell retired, and only SJ was left.

Got to work not too much later than normal. My machine was running well, using what is the first release candidate software. Hardware is not ready to ship, though. Some new movies today, thanks to the feed I had been using going dead, so I had to find another.

Opted out of the going-away lunch for a contractor who had worked for our product line for 15 years. Him leaving is a major signal, but that signal could be simply that 15 years as a contractor is ridiculous, he should have been made permanent long ago. I was surprised to find out he was not. Anyhow, if he's there tomorrow I'll congratulate him on landing a real job.

So I took a quick late lunch at Carl's Jr.

My AT&T phone contract is almost up, and they have switched to a new way to rob the customers, so I'll probably be switching to Verizon. The switch is that instead of charging a small=ish price up front in return for a 2-year contract, they will give you the phone for free, charging 1/24th of the full price every month, on top of the contract fees. After 2 years you can get a phone for free.

So I went to the Verizon store in the Mercado center, only to find it was now a Krispy Kreme. By now it was too late to get to band practice, and I needed to gas up the car, so I re-fueled and went to the new Verizon place next to my favorite Safeway/CU. I looked at all the phones, read all the literature, and was there for at least 15 minutes before the one staffer even acknowledged me.

There was very little info on each phone, and it seems Verizon still has the lump sum + contract thing, but is hyping the 1/24th a month plan. All the signs said 1/18th for 18 months, but he said he has not gotten the new signs in and it's now 1/24 for 24 months. So I won't be buying from that franchise.

In a few, I'll do some research online.

Home, watered the gardens, sat on the porch for a bit.

Dinner was two small frozen dinners. Turkey tetrazini and  tuna something.

Watched the news on the Oakland station, and after the obligatory coverage of the Carolina shooting, they fixated on tomorrow's basketball champs parade. I'll Tivo it.

One thing which was news to me is the Oakland coach's dad had been a Middle East expert who was assassinated over there while now-coach was in college stateside.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe make some caramel walnuts

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