Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Nothing much exciting. At about 1 am I finished ordering a new phone online from Verizon, the confirmation email said to call a toll-free number to finish the verification process, but it neglected to say the number is asleep at 1 am.

8:30 am, tried Verizon again, 10 minutes on hold I gave up.

Work, by 9:30 all the donuts were gone, both upstairs and downstairs. Boo hiss. Well, not so bad because they are Krispy Kreme.

Nothing much to do test-wise except monitor the videos. The machine is pretty stable. Mostly because it has only 2 of its UDP ports hooked up, and only one SDI port. The unstable stuff comes from the ones with heavy loads.

11-ish, called Verizon, got an answer right away, and she said I did not need to call, just wait for the email saying verification was done, before I went to pick up the phone.

One of the videos I listened to most of the morning was the KTVU coverage of the Warriors NBA title win parade. Right as they got to the speeches, it was lunchtime, so I went to Round Table which has lots of screens, and they had it on, but KPIX. Much better coverage. Round Table had anticipated the demand, and there was a lot of pizza still available at 1:30. Also a lot more eye candy than usual, young women in short shorts.

Back to work, ESPN was back to playing the entire college world series game.

No Verizon email, but I figured that if I had gone to the store and bought one there, they would have the credit check done in an hour. The receptionist said my order was pending, there was nothing she could (or would) do - within 24 hours, she said.


Dinner was small - reheated scalloped potatoes and sausage bits from a couple of nights ago.

Watched the Tivoed parade and ceremony, FF is my friend. KTVU did a lot of fan interviews, which was great, but they also kept the ever-boring, square-headed Sal Casteneda in front of the camera, he and other boor kept talking, saying the same things over and over. Ironically, there were no traffic reports.

It wasn't as exciting as the Giants parades. No bands. Fewer fans. Not as many articulate players. I have to hand it to Kerr, his speech was excellent. Riley had nothing to say.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change jeans
bring the car to Toyoto for the 6-month check and to turn off that inane reverse gear beeper. Probably will drop it off and take the bus to Valley Faire.
Coffee with Janice around 6 in MV

Maybe plant more bee's friend seeds.

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