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Communications Day

A quick note that while FB is overloaded with photos and anecdotes about fathers, I ignore the event.  All these greeting card days are Hallmark inventions, starting with Mother's Day. I can think of no good reason to set aside one day out of the year to celebrate someone we celebrate every day. My dad disliked father's day, and didn't care if it was ignored.
Did some minor stuff this morning, including accidentally shutting Spook in the bedroom closet. It's her fault. She opened the door herself and declared a glorious revolution against my best shirts. I thought she had exited well before I shut the doors.

Around 11 am I headed the Prius over to Verizon, and basically browbeat one of the reps until he agreed to make some calls that only a rep can make. He found the order easily, and two phone calls later found out that it was being held up because of some perceived fraud. After he faxed a copy of my driver's license and something else which proved I lived where I said I lived, it was all cleared up.

Next stop was Target across the street, to replace the bath mats which did not fully survive the last washing. And a back scratcher, aka bath scrub brush.

And I was wanting to go to the Starbucks there and set up the new phone on their wifi, but couldn't remember the password to my account. There was at least $40 on there, no way was I going to use cash. I pulled up my password list from the old phone, but I didn't have Starbucks on there.

Home, logged into Starbucks and discovered that my browser cookies had somehow got munged, and I ended up resetting my password.

I have pretty fast wifi at home, so I let Google's auto restore do its work, I just needed to log in to some apps like FB, evernote, twitter and amazon.

In other device news, my Nexus 7 tablet is no longer holding a charge, and it is resisting charging at all. So at the last minute I went to Fry's and bought the ASUS equivalent. It took three USB cables before I found one which would go into the slot, and it was the one the unit came with, surprise surprise. And that had been charged and is pretty much done downloading apps. Same apps as the phone. It even copied the screen image from the droid, which was a selfie I took with the new phone.

The tablet is mostly used as a Kindle, and to watch youtube videos and a little bit for shopping. It's wifi only, no data plan.

Somewhere in the afternoon I made another batch of caramel walnuts from the goop left over in the pan from last night. It still came out crystalized. So after my pot pie dinner I put it back in the pan and let it melt. And burn a little. but now it's not crystals, more like chewey caramel.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, grab the laptop
Photographers meetup on the other side of Sunnyvale.

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