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No Nuwes

Removing the flag won't help.
Shut Spook out of the bedroom last night. Got fed up with her still reacting to my attempts at a hug as if I was some dread Animal Control officer about to put her into a cage and set it on fire. She whined a lot and clawed at the door for about an hour. Also chased her away and shut the door behind me when I went to work.

Traffic report said something was on fire at my 101 exit, so I stayed on Tasman all the way to Great America. On the overpass, I looked back toward that exit, and there was nothing going on.

But it did give me a look at Augustine Drive. which has been closed for almost a year as two huge office buildings are being built, and the left turn lane is changed to a double left turn lane in anticipation. The Specialty's shop right on the corner has probably lost more than half its business because access is very limited and involves dodging giant bulldozers, cranes, tractors and nuclear powered assault vehicles. We are talking vehicles with tires taller than I am. Very daunting.

The good news is the project looks very nearly ready to open the road up again.

Work was a day long attempt to duplicate a bug which I had filed a week ago, which is kind of impossible because the source streams I was using are no longer streaming, and on top of that our network was hosed so badly that I couldn't listen to any of the videos for more and a couple of minutes before they all broke up. I saw the same garbage in the lab (my cube faces the lab window).

Lunchtime started with a trip to the new beauty supply place across from Target, to buy more acetone nail polish remover. The nice lady said I could use regular baker's aluminum foil, it's the same stuff as the expensive pre-cut foil used at the spa. Then to Panera next door, where I had dessert for lunch because their food menu looks like it was created by vegan hippies on acid whose veganism did not accept birds as being meat, so they have chicken. In the most unappetizing recipes.

And even though I clearly said I was eating there, the elf behind the counter gave me the goodies in a bakery box. :-(

One reason I went there was the possibility of eye candy, however, that was not a feature of the place. One young woman in stretch pants who looked great from the back, but it turned out to be her best side. But out in the courtyard were a lot of college aged kids who were pretty hot.

Straight home after work, after sending my PTO message. It took three sessions with the foil-wrapped acetone-soaked cotton balls, but now all the SNS nail goop is off and I can go get my acrylic put back on. Contrary to SNS' claims, my natural nails are still thin and vulnerable.

Plans for tomorrow:
Taking the day off from work. Somehow I seem to have almost 30 vacation days accumulated.
Dentures at 9:30
Kaiser end-of-life class at 3
In between get the nails done and the car washed
Urinetown at Los Altos Stage at 8 pm. At least one friend is in this production.

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