Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A busy day, but first I'm taking out my teeth

I'll have to put them back in to eat dinner...

Today I took the day off to Do Stuff™.

9:30-is I was at the denture clinic, he popped out the old set and popped in the new. They fit okay for new, it takes about a week for them to totally break in. Because the new uppers are not worn down like the old ones were, there's a bit of a gag reflex at first. It was very annoying, and uncomfortable, and made more so when I got stuck in traffic. Made the mistake of heading for the freeways, and got caught in serious traffic trying to exit 87 northbound onto 101, so I chose the path of the least resistance and took Trimble east. When I saw First coming up, I got into the left-most left turn lane, thinking of getting to 237, but looking to my right I saw one of the nicer Starbucks in the area, in a complex which has about a dozen restaurants. So I did a U-turn on First and went there. Had a mocha and a piece of coffee cake, sat outside and admired the view. Lots of women wearing corporate keycards, and tight pants. It was 11:30 by the time I was done with the mocha, so I walked around the complex looking for a place to have my nails done. Nothing. And it was too soon to have lunch, especially with new teeth.

Went on Yelp, and was reminded that Rivermark Nails was on my way home, so I went there and they put my usual acrylic with gel top onto my poor thin nails. When I told her about the SNS nails, she said yeah, those are too brittle.

So now my nails don't hurt, and are good for opening pop cans.

After walking around Rivermark a bit, lunch was procured at Prolific Oven, which usually doesn't have food food that I like, but their chocolate covered cream puffs are to die for. I got what they called an Asian chicken salad, but it was just a chicken salad with a light oil dressing and 4 (count 'em, 4) pieces of mandarin orange.

It was okay, but not what I was expecting. The cream puff, however, was worth the sacrifice.

By now my phone is telling me to have the car washed, but it was getting too late to do that and get to Kaiser on time for the class. So I stopped off at home for half an hour and then went to MV. They call it a Life Care Planning class, but it's really a Death Prep class. It was something I needed, was done well, and the only bad thing I have to say is it was supposed to be reservations-only, with a limit of  12 people starting at 3, but people kept pouring in, most of them late, and they were seated at a table in the adjoining conference room which had the divider open. And it started late because they needed to send for more pamphlets.

And the pamphlet the presenter had on the laptop was numbered differently from the one I was given. And it was missing at least one paragraph which mine had.

The point of the class was to have us fill out a multi-page form giving our end of life instructions in case we are unable to do so. Like if there's a stroke, or Alzheimer's, or a bullet to the head, or the Spanish Inquisition has cut out my tongue. And to assign one person to be responsible for giving the order to pull the plug or make me their favorite vegetable.

That form will need to be either signed by two unrelated to me witnesses, or notarized, and distributed to Kaiser, my point person, and put somewhere easy for an EMT to find. Glove compartment wasn't mentioned but seems like a good choice. Fridge was mentioned.

They also accepted forms which gave up to two point people (primary and backup) which is good for 120 days, or until the notarized one is submitted.

And they said it should be reviewed once a decade, or any time there's a change, such as the primary point person being incapacitated, or divorced from you. Or you are given 3 months to live because maggots have eaten your testicles. Or you've become a Mormon.

Most of this I knew about because both my parents spend a few months in hospice, but it never had to be used because they both died in their sleep of natural causes. If lung cancer is natural.

Class was done at 4:15, plenty of time to drive the 3 miles to the car wash. They weren't as jammed as usual, but they were done with my car way before they were done with the car they had parked in front of mine. I had to back out and go out a side exit. They were pretty sloppy, the rear seat mats were askew, the paper grocery bag I keep in the well in front of the passenger's side back seat was on the seat, as was a pine cone which I keep under the driver's seat, and the 20-lb red plastic folder with all the car's manuals also ended up there. I have no idea where it had been previously.

At least they didn't have time to steal the laptop of tablet from the hatchback section.

Home, teeth were starting to chafe, so I did not have dinner. Instead I watered the hanging plants outside and did some facebooking.

7 pm, time to drive to Los Altos, an unusual Wednesday performance for Los Altos Stage. Sold out completely, which is also unusual. The show is Urinetown, The Musical. The premise is that the area has run our of water due to the 20-year drought, and during desperate times a corrupt greedmonger was able to make it illegal for people to own toilets, and he built a network of public amenities which charged a fee which most people could not afford. Pay to pee. 

I went because I had missed the three other productions in the area, and one of my favorite divas was playing a leading role.

She was great. The main characters were pretty good, except for the leading man, the one who leads the revolution. He was adequate. The three leading women were amazing. The narrator was very good, it's a huge role, lots to remember.  There was too much choreography, the band was too loud, and most of the minor roles did not have the voices to be heard without a mike. The acoustics in this place suck, it's a bus barn with wooden theater seats. Nothing has been done in the 20 or so years it has been a theater to improve that.

The ending was disappointing. [Spoiler (click to open)]Instead of the obligatory happy ending where the revolution triumphs and the new, younger generation solves the water crisis, the hero is killed, the new leader triumphs but there's still a drought and nothing can be done to fix it. Call it the Jerry Brown ending. Very moralistic, and pessimistic, and intended to shame Californians.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably no band practice if my teeth still hurt.

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