Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day After

Stayed up way too late last night. Spook seemed annoyed that I was still reading from the ASUS tabled at 1:45.

Work, after a day away, my machine crashed 3 times, which is a win.

Most of the day I was monitoring ESPN because the audio kept dropping out for half a second at a time, and the test machine thought it was missing the signal entirely. Most of the movies were reruns of movies I did not want to see the first time. I didn't pay too much attention. ESPN was all NBA draft, which is, to me, so irrelevant.

Lunch was togo's. Lots of road blockage from construction. I am really angry that with all the offices going up, there does not seem to be much supporting building. Sizzler, The Scottish Place, Gag-in-a-Bag and Specialty's are all maxed out. So is the Mex place around the corner, and maybe the Indian buffet, but maybe not because it is expensive and sucky. And we could really use a grocery store.

Sunnyvale is doing the same thing, but with condos. What had been the worst Thai place on the planet is now an under construction luxury condo complex. There is no affordable housing going up. Not to really. There is some requirement that one or two units be assigned for a family of 17 with an income under $10k a year. Those would be studio apartments.

Waited till 6 for the build we were expecting, only to find out my Office email had stopped, and the build had been out for an hour. :-(

Home, took a nap. By this time it was almost 7, and I wanted to be up by 8 to get to Ikea well before they closed at 9. I'd found a night table which said it included a wireless cell phone charger. Wrote down the number. I should have gone straight to the warehouse, but like a fool I took the maze, and looked for a night table closer in size to what I was wanting. Did not see it, or even the one I had seen online.

In the warehouse, it is now 8:45, I punched in the number, went to the aisle/bin, and not only was there no box, there was no label. Web site lied about it being in stock. But next to it was a more expensive one, closer to the size I wanted, with a note that the charger is separate. So I put that in my cart, and punched in its number, but it said nothing about the charger. So I punched in the first table's number, and it said the charger was in the lighting department. No shelf or aisle info, just a brand name and number. Wheeled back to the lighting department, which took 5 minutes, did not see anything except replacement cell phone covers with wireless receivers. Wheeled around some more, and they announced the store was closed. Asked a stock guy and he pointed to the aisle with the covers.

I almost got in line to buy what I had, but everyone in all the lines ahead of me had piled entire livingrooms, bedrooms and kitchens on their carts. So I parked my cart with its box in front of the aisle it had come from, and left.

 Home, watched half an episode of Outrageous Acts Of Science, after making a couple of hot dogs and some macaroni with swiss cheese.

Somewhere in there I watered the garden strip next to the carport. It needed it.

Also printed a rent check. All my utilities went up, including sewer and garbage, which usually stay the same. Could be there was an increase, we did get a notice but I didn't think it had gone into effect yet. Maybe it was because 31-day month.
Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe get some sleep

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