Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two things happened today

But first, the news. Spook is feeling so comfortable on the bed now that she stretches out onto my spot on the bed while I'm getting undressed. Last night I had to lift her up and place her on her side. This morning she was still on the bed, but across the foot, perpendicular to me. When I rolled over and my foot went in her direction she pushed it away.

But she still won't cuddle or let me hug her. And I really need to get nail clippers. I don't know what happened to the ones I had for Domino.

Not as late to work as I could have been, but traffic was slow, with way too many huge trucks forming a barrier in the second lane from the right. Not 18-wheelers, but real heavy duty trucks like double-trailer dirt haulers, tow trucks designed to tow buses; garbage trucks, cement mixers, and my favorite, Mexican landscapers in Chevy pickups hauling an uncovered trailer stacked with tools which look like they will fly into me at any moment. So I ended up taking a different exit than my preferred one, because it was clear the one I wanted was not going to be possible.

Got to work in time for bagels, which was nice, since I was out of bananas, my usual breakfast.

My machine had behaved itself all night, so there wasn't much to report. Yesterday the project manager from upstairs went around and gave us all a tall glass which looks a lot like a high-class beer glass, with the company name and logo on one side, and the name of the product on the other. And the base is tinted red. WTF? The joke was that this was the only product with that name which was actually shipping.

So today I brought in my Microsoft Ship It! award. It's a very impressive engraved glass piece embedded in grey granite, with my name on a gold tag affixed to the glass, and gold squares for each product I had worked on. My way of showing what a real product release award should look like.

Here's someone else's:

Lunch was a trip to Target, which should have been 10 minutes to grab some Campho-Phenique and table salt, and maybe ginger root if they had any. And string cheese. Somehow it was almost an hour by the time I was through checkout. And only  a handful of those minutes was spent admiring the beautiful checkout women at my aisle and the one next to it, who was kind of falling out of her shirt. Most of my time was spent not finding Campho-Phenique, which they apparently no longer stock. Along with most of my favorite liquid medications like Mercurochrome and iodine.

Back to work, set up the machine to fail. Tweaked all the things I knew had crashed it in the past. And it crashed three times before I was out the door.

Home, gave Spook her treats after she whined at me a lot. Took some phone photos of the roses, which are busting out all over. The hummingbirds are still too cowardly to get good photos of unless I set up the camera on a tripod with a remote shutter release.

Amazing sunset tonight. We usually don't get them, the sun goes down before it hits the clouds.
Click to see the pix

Watched the last 10 of an episode of Outrageous Acts of Science, a show which trolls the Internet for insane or at least highly interesting applications of science in the real world. Such as a redneck submarine built from a propane tank. It worked. And a trashcan canon, which also worked but the recoil knocked the guy on his ass. Some I had seen before, and some were boring, but mostly worth watching. They have Actual Scientists™ explain why the projects do or don't work.

Tuned into the 10 o'clock news in time to see Obama try to sing Amazing Grace. Don't quit your day job, Barry. His eulogy was so phony I nearly puked. He was pushing all the congregation's buttons, and they ate it up. He did do one thing I liked, he made a point in the closing line of emphasizing "united" when he said "United States". Remember now, this is a man who is the right color for that church, but his momma was white, he was raised by his white grandparents to be humanist, not Christian. His daddy was a Muslim from Kenya, a rich family, and his ancestors on that side probably sold slaves to the traders. So for him to be pretending to be all Jesse Jackson, descended from Negro slaves and sharecroppers, made me sick.

The other thing that happened today is 4 out of the 9 Supreme Court justices voted against gay marriage. The next justice to be appointed will probably be appointed by Jeb Bush, and you can bet the decision will be reversed. And I'd like to see a federal marshal try to force a Mississippi pastor into performing a gay wedding. Not gonna happen.

And how about Gavin Newsom? Yes, he started San Francisco's gay marriages, but he did it by breaking the law and claiming a right for his city which is reserved for the state. And this was after he fucked his aide's wife. Sanctity of marriage my ass. Not only did he not have the sense of honor to resign, he forced his aide to quit instead. I am so not thrilled that he will be our next governor.

What else is new? Well, I brought the Donate Your Body form to work, and had two of my team witness it. When I got home I faxed it to Stanford.

I tried to scan in the Advance directive form, so I could fill it in by typing because my handwriting sucks, but it came out all crooked. Need to adjust the feeder guides and try again.

Filling that out will be tomorrow's project.

Update: They had it online, I was able to download a PDF. I think I have a PDF editor around here somewhere.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put my new musical score suspenders on a fresh pair of pants
Fill in the form & email it to my US sisters & Kaiser
Hang out
Go to the 8 pm performance of Iolanthe. I am prepared to enjoy the women's singing. The men not so much. And while I won't be surprised if the men's chorus does their choreography right, I will be less surprised if they don't.

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