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Friday before I left work, I set up my test machine with a bunch of torture tests, and this morning it was totally dead. Which meant it was given to Engineering to look at, and they never gave it back. So I spent the day on other things, such as a new release for our oldest model. And I also went to the westercon web site where I was disappointed that the programming page was blank (I wanted to see which Match Games I was in, and when some of my favorite filkers were performing). Then on the sidebar on the left, there was a news note saying the programming schedule was up, and it had a link. The link did not go to the programming page, it went to an actual program grid. And I found the two late night match games my name was on, and the daytime one my name was not on. And then I checked the boxes next to the things I wanted to go to, and exported that to a URL and to a Qcode, which both reside in my Evernote. They have done an excellent job with the grid, but it really needs to be on the programming tab page.

One disappointment is the Masquerade is playing at the same time as 4th of July fireworks. I understand the time constraints, but foo. And feh. Because Sandy Eggo has some of the best, especially at the beach. As a photographer I am Torn™.

It's been a long time since Spider Robinson backed out as GoH for health and I'm surer other personal reasons. It has been a horrible year for him. But I'm wee bit disappointed that they didn't fill the role with one of the many SoCal writers. But short notice, I get it.

Lunch was at the Lawrence Togo's, where I was all set to get a #9 as the Monday $5 special, but they changed the list so Monday is meatballs, and pastrami is no longer on the list. It also has a new, higher price. So I order a #9, and a soft drink. And the guy points to a sign which was not in view of the waiting line, announcing Monday #9 is the manager's special, $6 plus a soft drink. Okay, then.

Went online to Home Depot to see about ordering new shades for the livingroom windows. I had bought a pair at Lowe's but they are only scrims, I suspect with the lights on at night the neighbors cans see right through them. The ones which had been there when I bought the place are dull beige, and half an inch too short, they keep falling out of the mounts.

Home depot has this build-your-own interactive page which is excellent, but by the time I built one, it was $216. And I need two. They are definitely not worth that price to me. 

On my way home I stopped at Lowe's, not for shades but for catmint plants, a smaller umbrella base (my beach umbrella post is way too thin for the porch umbrella stand I have) and something like a post on which to mount the spirit house.

They don't have catmints, but I found four mitered stakes and some wood glue which should do the trick. And a plastic umbrella base which can be filled with water as a weight.

Home, parked the stakes in the carport, will do those tomorrow, took the umbrella base to the porch, filled it with water, put the umbrella in, and the base is still too big, even though it is half the diameter of the porch one. Maybe I need to wrap the pole in gaffer tape. Tomorrow.

Dinner was KFC, the last of the cole slaw and there's now only one piece of chicken left. And for dessert I nibbled on the caramel walnuts. Yummy, but needs salt.

Delivered by USPS was a bottle of 1000mg coated Vitamin C tablets. Got tired of the standard ones getting stuck in my throat. Acidic and tastes bad.

Also delivered was the new valuation for the house. It's about 70% of what I paid. That's too damned high.

Gave Spook a "treat" from Petco which is supposed to calm her down enough to let me pick her up and cut her nails. It says give two, but she refused the second one. Too chewy, I think. It did make her a little quieter after an hour, but not enough. 

Back of my mind put all my eBay sales on pause, I want to sell a lens. It's a fine lens, but not in a focal length range which is useful to me. And I have two external NAS units (add your own pair of SATA drives) and two Seagate NAS/USB external drives, 2GB and 3GB.

My Arris/Motorola surfboard combination cable modem/wi-fi router is being unreliable. I'm considering going back to separate modem/router.

Plans for tomorrow:
Install the spirit house in the garden on the stakes with wood glue.

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