Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Feeling Well At All

Was feeling a little woozy at work, had to get up and walk it off a couple of times, but that made me feel faint. Which happens a lot when I get up and walk after sitting for too long. Usually just freezing for 30 seconds is enough for it to pass, but it stayed with me all the way to the loo and the break room, though not severe enough to be a danger.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the phrase "at risk"? And its evil cousin "In harm's way"??

Nothing to do at work all morning, my machine was brought back to life by Engineering, but it was still burping regularly, so they get to keep it. I wanted to ask when I'll get it back, but it was their day for a celebratory off-site.

Lunchtime I went to Fry's to see if they had the Arris/Motorola Surfboard cable modems, and if they did, to also buy an ASUS 2400 router. I didn't see any cable modems at first, had to ask. The trend now is to combine them with the routers. I have the top of the line Arris/Moto combined unit, but it has been refusing to authenticate my phone & tablet at 5GHz, connects at 2.xxGHz using the exact same authentication. The saleswoman said they stopped carrying Moto products because they couldn't locate the sales rep after Arris bought them.

But she also showed me that the ASUS 3200, a step up from the 2400, was on special for less than the 2400. I didn't want to buy the router till I had a line on the modem, so I thanked her and went to Coco's for lunch.

Elaine, who is the waitress for BASFA meetings, and is friendly and efficient and looks really good for her age, seated me, but then 5 minutes later some guy I had never seen before shows up to take my order. Elaine is busy training a new cashier. and is maybe the manager now.

Service was glacial, and when I was done eating, the waiter was nowhere to be seen. I waited about 10 minutes before giving up on pie. Elaine got my bill for me, the trainee did a good job of making change.

Back to work, got email that there were two fixed bugs for me to verify, which I did quickly. They were bugs I filed half a year ago, but couldn't check on because they took away my machine and assigned me to a different model.

It was above 90° on the way home, and all the way I was having trouble breathing, there was tightness in my chest, and I remembered those are warning signs of a heart attack, but there wasn't any pain. The Prius has a hurricane aircon system, lots of cold air, but it doesn't pull much humidity out.

As soon as I got home and inside to my house's aircon, I felt a little bit better. Tried to take a nap, but ended up just lying in bed reading. Till 9.

OCD set in, I went outside and started hammering stakes into the front "yard" hoping to mount the spirit house, but my nosy next door neighbor came over to "help", the stakes were not going in very far, and an across the street neighbor rudely shouted to stop the banging. It's after 9, she said. Quiet time is after 10 I replied.

Gathered up the stakes and hammer, put them in the shed, took the spirit house back inside to the kitchen table.

All of this I was not really connecting with reality.

Took a blood sugar reading, it was toward the low end of the normal range. Heated up a small frozen dinner. 

Delivered while I was napping, a wireless tablet/cell phone charging stand.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack for Westercon.


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