Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quickly because leaving early for Westercon tomorrow am

Work was dead boring. Machine kept crashing. Not allowed to do anything except monitor it, and it meant I was unable to watch any video for more than 20 minutes at a time. Made the mistake of putting the headphones on and listening to the audio of ESPN playing the Serena Willams match against someone from Kazakastan or some KAZ place. Both of them are screamers, but different screams. Equally annoying. I got dizzy after a while too.

Lunch at Carl's Jr because it's close.

Left work at 6, straight home, it felt like rain, but so far hasn't. Next door neighbor Lee was watering my roses, and her flowers next to them. I told her it was going to rain. She wasn't convinced.

Pulled both suitcases out of the shed, one is a medium sized Samsonite knockoff which has gone around the world with me, or at least to Eugene, Oregon. The other is a fairly new roller carry on which may have gone to London but I frankly don't remember.

First order of biz was to pack the laptop & camera gear in the stegasaur knapsack, which will be my carry-on. Also will have insulin paraphernalia, meds and maybe a sandwich. I made one for breakfast today but never ate it.

The roller case looks like it will be big enough for clothing & toiletries, so I won't need the bigger case. Not bringing any costumes except for a Star Trek shirt and a couple of Hawaiian shirts. Mostly geeky T-shirts. And a pair of cutoffs. Will wear jeans, and maybe a Hawaiian SF Giants shirt. Need to pack a baseball cap. Carry-on I think.

Have my parking reservation, boarding pass and super shuttle reserved from SAN to the hotel. Expect to land at noon, add an hour for baggage claim & shuttle.
Plans for tomorrow:
SJC-SAN at about 10 am

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