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The Morning After

First day back at work after the long weekend. Got my machine back, ran a test (it passed), and updated to the latest software. Instead of going out for lunch at 1, I had some noodles in the break room at noon, where most of the team eats daily, some while playing pool. It was boring. And I didn't get a chance to read. But that means picking another book on the Kindle app because I finished the one I was reading all week.

Mini review:
The Second Ship (The Rho Agenda Book 1) by Richard Phillips
The plot is simple. Two alien spacecraft shoot each other down over Los Alamos. One has been in the hands of the lab for a decade, the project under the direction of a megalomaniacal evil genius.  The other is just now discovered by accident by some high school kids. This second ship has been hidden by a camouflage field, which is why the lab did not know about it. The kids don't report it, because it is making them into Something More™.

It's a long read, regardless of how many pages. The author is fond of the "tie the beautiful heroine to the railroad tracks" school of adventure writing. Way too many reverses of fortune in the too-many fights. The writing is not awful. Once in a while there is a phrase or slang word out of place. While this is definitely sci-fi, the author makes no effort to tie the miracles of the space ship technologies to believable science. It's magic to the readers.

I give it 2 stars. Would have been 3 if the ending had not been so abrupt, with way too many loose ends left hanging. Of course there are sequels. Which I will not be buying.

The eye is not better. It may even be a little worse. Or else I am noticing more artifacts, now that I am using it actively. There are Moiré patterns at the edges when I am not looking directly at them. With both eyes open, there is what looks like an ocean wave shadow below my right eye's vision. Further research says I will probably be stuck with this, if not worse. :-(

Put out a feeler to porch.com, looking for someone to replace the glass in two of my windows. I checked the "email only" box. Almost immediately I get a phone call. Juan says he can do it, and when I told him I have a day job and won't be home till 6:30, he suggests to make it 7. By 7:30 he has not arrived or called or emailed. I phone, and there are screaming children. I tell him let's not do this tonight. He said he would email me a ballpark estimate within half an hour. Nothing. So, he's not getting the job. And then there is a voicemail message from someone else saying he doesn't do windows. So why call, asshole?

Porch has not impressed me. I think I'll stick to the ads in the neighborhood magazine.

Delivered to work was a new cable modem, so while I was waiting for Juan to not show up, I pulled the combo modem/router, and activated the new modem. 7 minutes on Comcast. Then hooked up the router, and took about an hour to tweak it so the webcams worked. It's a lot more complicated than it sounds. The only holdout now is the Tivo in the bedroom, which uses the plug-in network adapter, and I will probably have to reset the box to get that working.

Dinner pickings were lean = beef pot pie vs DeGiornio mini pizza.

Plans for tomorrow:


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