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Weekend plans

Have some stuff to do besides buy kitty litter and change the catbox. Need to go to the nursery and buy summer plants for the patio flower boxes. Four or five hearty things that like the sun. The salvia I planted last summer is all dead, but the aloe plants thrive. Will probably plant some jasmine, if I can find any.

Will drop some stuff off at Goodwill, sell some things on eBay, wash the gravel from the old aquariums and also wash the old tanks. Some of the old gravel will go in the new tank, the rest I'll bag and use in the planters. Not sure what I'll do with the tanks & heaters & stand.

Sunday the apartment is having its annual Sunday brunch, will do that noon-ish, may go for a bike ride, and probably will meet a friend or two. And I think I'll take my laptop to Starbucks, because I have a gift card worth about $50 to use.

And maybe this will be the sunny weekend I have been waiting for to photograph my sapphires, so I can sell a bunch of them on eBay. I want to try the bulk sales tool. At work today I actually helped debug and run a similar tool for taking a listing of 100 or so broadcast channels and slamming them into our video server program guide catalog for a customer. eBay's tool looks more user-friendly.

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