Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Muay Enui

Boring day. Nothing exciting at work, my machine kept spewing garbage, or maybe the network was, as a result I couldn't watch much of anything. Bits of My Cousin Vinnie and way too much tennis on ESPN, so maybe I should be grateful.

Lunch at China Stix, love their beef chow fun.

My left eye is still the same, I think, but my brain is working around it.

Went to Rivermark Safeway for groc shopping, got everything on my list except mixed nuts, because they didn't have any large containers which weren't mostly or completely peanuts. And got only two things which were not on my list - but should have been - popcorn and red food coloring.

Home by the back way - Lick Mill to Tasman. It is longer than I thought. But a nicer view than the freeway.

Watered the gardens, put the groc away, sat on the porch waiting for a sunset which turned out to be dull.

No word from Juan, so if I want the windows fixed I'll have to find someone else.

The new router meant having to reset the wi-fi dongle on the older Tivo. All my other wireless stuff connected without any issues, including the Roamio.

Webcams got new port forwarding addresses, which are now on the web site.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, glue in my teeth, grab the baritone and music stand and go to band rehearsals.

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