Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Silver Lining. Well, pink, actually

Between the new teeth and the new mouthpiece, it was easier hitting the high notes at band tonight. Not sure if I really needed the fixodent, but it didn't hurt. My eye was not a problem.

Work was lame. No new build, lots of network foo. ESPN kept cutting out.

South Carolina did the PC thing and passed a law to take down the confederate flag. It won't make any difference. The same way nobody makes nazi flags anymore, but the south is all about anti-semitism. If anything, the bigots will use this to teach their kids how their rights are being stripped away.

Lunch in the break room again. Brought pickled herring in sour cream & onions. Nearly choked - that stuff is strong.

Home after work, logged onto Costco Photo to have 4 prints made on mount board, which I'll enter in a sunnyvale photo meetup contest next Monday. I'll pick them up tomorrow & make labels. While I'm at Costco I may do some shopping. Maybe not. because after band I went to Walgreen's and bought a box of generic beathe-right strips because they didn't have the brand name ones. So I also went to Safeway and got the brand name ones. But these are only 26-packs, Coscto has 45-packs for less.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make labels
Hard boil some eggs
Maybe whip up another small batch of caramel walnuts

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