Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A long day

Got to work early-ish, but there were no donuts or bagels. Someone in charge of that may be on vacation.

Boss' boss has had Automation Guy build a ballot page for us to vote on where we will be going for our celebration of the first release of the new product. Looks like it will be a wine tasting tour of Napa Valley. I don't drink but it's a lovely trip. Lots of photo ops. Looks like he is aiming for a week from Wednesday.

Finally, two months after I put it together, I have finally been able to schedule my SNMP class for next Thursday afternoon. Yay!

And we were given two updates to the software today.

ESPN was more diverse than usual today, thanks to the tennis being down to the semi-finals. And there was a lot of good props to Kenny Stabler. But halfway through the day, we lost the signal. Turns out the satellite maintenance which was announced for yesterday was done today.

Togo's for lunch, which allowed me to get some ATM cash.

Found a lighter weight futon mattress on 1800mattress. The one I ordered from overstock.com - twice - never made it to Fedex.

Costco after work, picked up 4 board-mounted prints for Monday's Sunnyvale Photo meetup contest. And two 42-packs of Breathe-Right strips, for about what I would have paid for two at Safeway or Walgreen's. Had to toss the Walgreen's generic brand, no stickie and poorly designed.

Home for a few minutes, then off to Palo Alto/Mountain View, the Media Center. A new place for me, this is a very nice little studio where Comcast local public channels make their shows. The event was the West Coast Songwriters' local chapter finalists competing for all the marbles. Sad to say, out of the 7 contestants, some solo some more than one person, each doing a warm-up and the competition song, I could only understand two of them, and part of a third. And sadder to say, one of those was a boring, stupid song. The hostess of the songwriters' meetup was the one I could understand half of. But enough to like it.

Back home, printed labels for the photos, updated FB and answered some email.

Today's delivery was a single box with three separately ordered items from amazon. Cat treats, mixed nuts and kitty water fountain filters.

In the mailbox was AARP's ad for their medicare plan. This is the company which effed up the meicare drug plan instead of fighting for their members against pharmagreed. No way am I signing up for their plan.

Spook has re-discovered her white ball in a blue circular track. It sounds like a model RR train.

Beef and grain frozen dinner heated for dinner. While it was in the nuclear fusion chamber, I cooked up a cup of caramel walnuts. They came out great.

Plans for tomorrow:
Catch up on sleep
Do some gardening
maybe see a movie
Maybe hang out somewhere with my laptop

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