Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Up 2 L8 Again

Work was the usual. I reminded the team about the SNMP class I was teaching Thursday, and everyone signed up, including Boss. Surprised me, because when I first put out a feeler, only the two automation guys and one of the women on the team were interested. I went over my slides, need to tweak a couple, I think. And also try the demo on wi-fi.

Lunch at Boston Market. Two cute customers, which is 2 more than usual. I love their pot pie.

Stayed late at work because there was no time to go home and get to the photo meetup in time - it was halfway between work and home. It's at a very popular park, lots of noisy kids, but big enough to not be too annoying. I read from the Kindle app, until the room was set up, then went in, paid my dues and put my photos in the appropriate piles.

They had a museum lamp and a music stand to display each print, and one of the members gave comments. Sometimes they were what I would have said, but sometimes not. He missed the point of a few of the photos, getting too caught up in composition. Out of the 40 or so entries, about 6 didn't belong in the competition.

After all of them were displayed they were laid out on tables and a panel of judges voted on them. Not a lot got awards. One of mine won an honorable mention, another won a best in class. The one which the commenter said was perfect the way it was did not win anything. And so it goes.

The next contest will be digital, much easier & cheaper.

Home, Spook is being very vocal. No idea why. I fired up the Bolt, and that distracted her for the 15 minutes it was on.

Watched about 1/3 of the recorded home run derby. They changed the rules and put it on a clock, which sucked.

Plans for tomorrow:
Songwriter's meetup. I may sing My Bromance.


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