Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Work was interesting, a new variation on an old bug showed up on my machine.

Lunchtime to Rivermark Nails, long wait, then across the road to Prolific Oven for a pastery in lieu of lunch.

Bailed at 5:45, home for a bit then to Mountain View for the songwriters' meetup. Traffic was horrible, 30 minutes for a 10-minute trip. And I was the second one there. Three new people, only the hostess, her music partner and me were regulars. Horrible location, Booksellers. And it was triple booked. We won, though.

I sang "My Bromance" and was surprised at how many of the Sci-fi references I didn't have to explain. Made a new friend, new high school grad who has some songs, but no idea how to get a demo CD made. I put a feeler out on FB. She lives in the east bay, not too far from Kristoff, but he is out of her league. Way out. But maybe he will see my note and make a suggestion.

Home, Spook actually let me pick her up. But not for long.

Windoze updated itself. I guess they have abandoned the Thursday schedule.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work by 9
Ophthalmologist by 11
Back to work whenever I can see again, probably 3-ish
1-on-1 at 4:30

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