Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Crapped Out

So the plan was to do some gardening, but first time I used it this morning the toilet backed up, instead of clearing when I used the pump-action plunger. The 3-foot snake which solved the problem last time is what triggered the backup (there's a physics lesson here somewhere). By the time I decided it was not working, it was also too hot outside to garden.

So I did my morning stuff, made sure the toilet in the guest bathroom was okay, took my meds, had a banana, watered the indoor plants and drove to Home Despot because Lowe's doesn't carry the 6-foot snake. I wanted to buy the 6-footer last time, but HD was out of stock and I needed something. Roto Rooter did a good job the one time I called, but it took all day for them to get here.

At HD I also bought 2 cubic yards of garden soil, a packet of poppy seeds and a stake and ties for the rogue branch on the dwarf lime tree, which is now sporting two bb-sized fruit-ettes.

Home, snaked the throne, something went pop and it cleared. Spook watched all this from her perch in the middle of the bed. She can't see the toilet from there but she was looking through the door whenever I checked. And each time I looked at her she meowed a few times.

Gathered up the towel I had used to stem the tide, and the mat which is usually at the base of the john, threw them into the washing machine, and headed out again.

Not quite that fast, I did some vacuuming, went online and nibbled on bologna slices while I lurked. Watched hummingbirds for a bit. Oh, and how could I forget the biggest time sink? Slow-Formatted a 62GB micro SD card, which took a couple of hours, and loaded a bunch of photos onto it, to see if the digital photo frame manual was wrong that it needed 32GB or smaller. It was not a lie. So I quick formatted a 32GB SD card from my photo bag, and loaded all my Thailand shots from 2013 and all the pix from my Asia trip in 2005, and slapped that into the frame. They look pretty good, but I had to select one single transition type because some of them are insane. That will go on my wall or desk at work. Probably my desk.

So the plan was to go to Lowe's and buy a pair of blackout roller shades to replace the not-fitting-so-well ones. Then go somewhere for food, and then a massage.

I started in Lowe's garden department because I still want to get some catmints for the rose garden. The ones already there are doing so well I want more to round it out. They had some brilliant blue verbana, but I've already killed $30 worth, so I passed. No catmints. Not even seeds. And the only blinds they had were beige and cream, which are not, IMHO blackout colors. I would have gone for bamboo, but nobody was around to cut them to size or arrange for installation.

So that trip was useless.

Nearest ATM was by the Round Table, so I got cash and went for dinner, made the mistake of ordering the "pasta bake" with sausage and marinara. It arrived cold (the server said "be careful, it's hot" as she put the bowl in the table using pot holders. she never checked.) Most of the pasta was broken, and the only good thing was the garlic cheese bread.

While I was planning my retreat, an extended family arrived in two cars, one of them a solar panel company Prius. They hung around for about 5 minutes, it looked like they were ordering something, but the solar car pulled out just as I was driving away. I went to the massage place, in a strip mall a couple of blocks away, and as I was parking, solar car parked on the other side of the lot, and the gang walked to the pizza place there. Hmmmm.

Massage was by someone new, she had no idea what she was doing, so I wrapped it up early. Manager was busy, I'll mention it next time. Which may not be for a month or more.

Home, in the mail was a bill from the denture place for >$200. I'll have to call them - I had paid in full up front.

Also in the mail were two scams to get me to sign up for medicare information, asking too many details. And SiriusXM sent me yet another "do not discard - timely material" notice trying to get me to subscribe to their lousy service, which came with a 3-month trial on the Prius, of which I only used half before getting annoyed by the obnoxious ads for Sirius XM every break. Apparently they don't understand that commercial-free means no commercials for themselves.

Pretty much recovered from dinner. I think there will be strawberries & blueberries and maybe some honeydew slices soon. I almost whipped up more caramel walnuts, but it's too hot. This house soaks up heat all year round.

Which reminds me, I need to call a furnace repair place to see if there is a way to get 24V from one of the unconnected wires, so I can hook up a wi-fi enabled thermostat which also auto-switches between aircon and heat.

Plans for tomorrow:
If it's cloudy in the morning, do some gardening
If not, see a movie
go over to Janice's and check out her Amazon Echo, then we'll go to Starbucks
Maybe some evening gardening?

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