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Mini-Review: Bobby Bare, Jr.

Bobby Bare is one of my favorite country singers. He's more a comedian with a rich baritone voice and pleasant guitar style. When the Saddle Rack was the big urban cowperson venue on Race Street in San Jose, he used to play there once or twice a year.. One of my biggest entertainment disappointments was being on my way to one of his appearances on my birthday, and an accident on 101 tied up traffic so badly that I missed his gig. Bobby Sr. had two careers - a mediocre one as a balladeer and a stellar one as a novelty singer. It's that second career I liked the best, but it's because he has a fabulous voice that he pulls it off so well.

Songs like Tequila Shiela and She's Doing Quaaludes Again amused me, but what made him a super-star was what I think ought to be the official hymn of the Church of Monday Night Football. I refer, of course, to his Drop-Kick Me, Jesus (Through the Goal Posts of Life).

On one of his live albums, he violated the "never go onstage with dogs or children" rule by bringing on his young son, Bobby Jr., to do a duet called Daddy What If. The kid did a good job, sounded like he was on leave from the Nashville School for the Terminally Cute, and the song was a real tear-jerker. So when I stumbled upon some web links which indicated Bobby Jr. now had a musical career of his own, I couldn't wait to hear his stuff.

I got two albums. The first was for a musical he wrote, called Brainwasher, and the other was his band's self-named Young Criminals' Starvation League.

In a phrase, he is TERRIBLE. He did not inherit his father's voice. Or any voice at all, unfortunately. He never seems to be sure what key he's singing in. Perhaps he doesn't know there are keys to sing in. Melody and form are also foreign to him. 'nuff said.

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