Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Have A Lot Of Vacation Time

And too many ways I want to spend it. I can take 3 weeks and still have a week for emergencies.

I like to go around mid-November, which is usually a good time to see Thailand. Or New Orleans. And I spent some time on Amtrak's new somewhat improved web site looking for an across-the-top-of-the USA trip. I can actually get a ticket on EVA to Thailand for less then a sleeper to Vermont.

Part of me wants to go somewhere I have never been, which includes most of the states which border Canada. Also took a peek at Belize. They speak English there.

I had time to look into all these because today at work they released the new product. And instead of the wine country tour or jet skis in Tahoe, which were shot down by the big boss, we get lunch at a nice steak house at Valco, and the rest of the day at that miniature golf/arcade on El Camino near Wolfe. BFD. So I was running long term tests - push "go" and leave it alone for a few hours.

Lunch was Togo's, the daily deal was a ham & cheese, which is not nearly up to the level of their pastrami or meatball subs.

Home on time. 1-800-Got-Junk arrived 15 minutes after 7, which was super for a 7-9 window. They hauled away the too-big/heavy futon mattress, and it cost too much, but they recycle them, donate them, etc. And for a change, it was two native speakers. One had a Spanish name, but my beef isn't with ethnicity, it's with effing learning to speak American.

Togo's was kind of funny that way today. There was an Asian woman working, and the line boss was rattling off Spanish at her. It looked like she understood, but couldn't answer and make change at the same time.

Got the laptop out & ran Windows Update. Both the PC and laptop are scheduled to get Windows 10 a week from tomorrow.

Delivered were two plush animals for Spook. Except the calico cat which was advertised as being her size was a bit larger, not a good plaything. The other was a stuff-it-yourself panda, perfect size. The stuffing came in a plastic bag, and the panda has a zipper in its back, with a Velcro closure, and the fill is some kind of soft fiber which was very easy to apply, and child safe.

I put it down in front of her, and she bit its head, then walked over to my feet and played with those instead. :-(

The too-big one is too nice to send back, I'll keep it on the bed, and order the smaller size.

In the mail was a pair of coin sets - America The Beautiful quarters - which I had bought when they came out early in the year, but sent both to my sister, forgot to keep one for myself. Forgot I had sent any to my sister, so now we both have 2 sets.

The two melons on the kitchen table were looking over ripe, I almost tossed them, but cut one open instead. It was perfect. Sliced them both op, and bagged them, and put them in the fridge.

The seeds and some of the rind went into the disposal, which smoked a little before the reset button popped. It's dead :-(
Since I have Fedex coming tomorrow evening, and I was down to my last frozen dinner, I drove out to Safeway and restocked. Also got parmesan and baby aspirin, which were on my list. And garlic olives, which were not. And a bucket of fried chicken and some creamed spinach, which became dinner, with 1/4 of one Tuscan melon for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
To work on time. Bring my camera
Lunch with the department
Mini golf to take blackmail pictures.
Home by 5, in case Fedex shows up early in the 5-7 window

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