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Bucking The Stars

After a long, relaxing day, I've taken the new laptop for a field trip to the local caffeination station. Glad I did - it showed me there are quite a few little things I had forgotten to transfer from the old laptop (the whole of the old laptop's files and settings is on the main PC at home).

Did most of what I planned:

  • Dropped off old clothes and books at Goodwill

  • Bought salvia, lavender, sage and star jasmine at the nursery and planted them in the patio flower boxes.
    • Also re-potted three azaleas there

  • Emptied the gravel from the two old fish tanks and tried washing and oven drying the first 5-gallon batch.
    • It didn't work - dumped all the gravel instead, except for a few handfuls which went into the new tank.

  • Mailed a DVD to a Peace Corps friend

  • Picked up a couple of packages at the apartment office

  • Relaxed out on the patio with the cats

Took myself to Sizzler for salad bar dinner.

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