Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too tired to write much. Not much to write about

Woke up at 6 with an Hgl of 67. Self-medicated and went back to bed. Spook did not like that and kept yelling at me and running across the bed.

Work was boring. I put the USB drive with the golf photos on the photo frame, and also uploaded them to the shared server.
QA meeting was canceled
Lunch at China Stix, combo chow fun was okay
Mint chocolate chip scoop at B&R

Stayed late because I got there lat, and was going to band practice without a stop at home

Band was good. We went over most of the tunes for Sunday's concert. The new teeth did not stay glued in, but the new smaller mouthpiece compensated. We are officially down to 3 baritone horns. Jake finally gave up. He was in Stanford grad school 10 years before I graduated from college, which makes him about 75. And the college student who had been playing for us apparently found a job elsewhere.

Home, ordered a new music stand because the one I have was a Frankenstein of two which didn't adjust to my liking. It should be here before the concert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Demo of a closed captioning testing tool
Weekly report
Hang out somewhere?

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