Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Small Victory

RTFM revealed that the digital photo frame was choking because it was designed for 1024x780 images and I was feeding it 4x that size. Which led me to a free Windows 7 suite of programs which includes Photo Gallery, which can resize to 1024x780 in three clicks. And it is intelligent enough to resize the vertical ones to 780x1024, something Photoshop can't easily do, as far as I can tell.

So now the frame is set to display images for 3 seconds, so my cow-orkers can be impressed by my quick trigger finger, and watch the golf ball travel down the mini course, missing the hole almost every time.

And while I was at it, I plugged in the Thai photos SD card, removed the NSW beach photos and the suspicious girl-in-hotel-room photos, then resized those. The card will go into the photo frame next week some time. More than 3,500 images.

Lunch at China China buffet, which is usually almost deserted by 1:30, but today at that time a whole tour bus unloaded. The bad news is that depleted the food which I usually go on my second trip for. The good news is there was some eye candy.

Straight home, plan A was to go to Target and exchange the soda stream cartridge, and pick up some more diet soda mixes. But on the doorstep was the stuffed right-sized calico plush toy, so I played with that. Spook was definitely interested, but I could not get her to play with it, and when I tried to lure her onto my recliner by petting the toy on the arm of the chair, Spook stopped short. When I put it on her favorite cat tree perch, she knocked it off, then ran away.

I give up.

Dinner was fried chicken, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. I tossed a couple of small chicken shreds to Spook, and she ate them, but she wouldn't take one out of my hand.

I give up.

I'm stuck with the only domesticated unaffectionate cat on the planet. :-(

Dessert was a bowl of sliced banana, cantaloupe, blueberries and walnuts with some homey drizzled on top.

Out on the porch, added more Miracle Grow to the Thai line tree pot and misted it. Took the fuchsia basket down and misted it, put it back on its hook.

Not delivered was the new litter box, which was on the UPS truck "out for delivery" at 4:30 am, scheduled to be delivered before 8 pm. They never made it, and waited till 8:50 pm to let me know it was not arriving until Monday. For residential, they are supposed to deliver Saturdays, but there was nothing I could do because they don't have any customer service after 5 or on weekends. Asshats.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make the rounds of garden stores
Maybe find a reason to take photos
I would have liked to go to the Garlic Festival, but  traffic is insanely slow and they no longer have the train. Asshats.

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